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R. Allen(notes)G34:138-142-61-1-150340100119
R. Rondo(notes)G32:091-100-10-0-13149411052
N. Krstic(notes)C19:243-60-00-0+9120000046
P. Pierce(notes)F31:312-100-23-3+10175222147
K. Garnett(notes)F31:189-140-00-0-90812100218
Percentages.412.200.875Team Rebounds: 4
G. Davis(notes)32:397-160-02-2-651402004116
J. Green(notes)24:573-110-11-2-7030010107
C. Arroyo(notes)17:082-40-00-00243100024
T. Murphy(notes)9:290-00-00-0-8350000010
S. Pavlovic(notes)7:120-00-00-0-6000000020

JR 3/14/2011 10:57:00 PM Edit
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  1. What a joke. Sundiata Gaines running circles around Arroyo. Humprhies outworking the entire frontline. Jeff Green doesn't have a clue out there. Playing 4 on 5 offensively with Rondo. He's an embarrassment out there how much room the defense gives him. Deron Williams is a guy the Celtics would win with. I don't give a shit about the salaries where was Danny to move Rondo for Williams at the deadline. All you Danny "wow what a great trade getting Green and Nonad" fail to realize it did nothing for the Celtics.

    Now they're out of first place- after this weekend's losses, they'll be clinging for life for the 3rd seed. I expect them to drop to the 4th seed.

    Season's over, another championship for the Lakers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    norman shut the hell up were you watching the game? i believe that the celtics were out shot at the freethrow line 21-8 yea green and nenad looked lost out there thats because they had few practices to get their shit together i am so tired of your shit if you hate the celtics so damn much keep you and your small dicked ass off this website jeez man with that being said this game had terrible officiating i miss perk but i still have hope for banner 18

  3. Three Toe says:

    no back to backs in the playoffs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Norman, stfu please

  5. DH says:

    That guy in the pink shirt at 55 seconds into the video is ridiculous.

  6. JR says:

    I think that's Norman. lol

  7. Wahhh the refs were bad! Wahhh! Boo-hoo!

    Man-up and win the game- your the better team and you need wins, especially in-conference games. That was an utter embarrassment tonight and anyone who is not ashamed of the celtics' effort or performance doesn't know basketball!

    And don't make fun of my penis, my meat is a thing of beauty.

  8. DH says:

    Norman, can you confirm whether that is you in the pink shirt?

  9. JR says:

    DH, I think Norman's non-denial speaks volumes. :)

  10. DH says:

    JR, you may be wrong... but I doubt it!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    i cry hard for this loss, breaks my heart.
    Danny ainge fucked up by trading perkins. We aint ben the same since! we strugling with new 5 sibling, and thats not easy! but i looooove celtics. no matter what i stand for my boys!! doc will figure out of it. banner 18 deff belong to us! anyway, celtics nation add me on twitter please @pegsyellow i'll follow back. Peggy

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh btw, norman you look so cute with that pink shirt.. lmaaaooo. STFU norpink. Peggy

  13. Anonymous says:

    Peggy well said

  14. .chuckT. says:

    lol @Norman..
    You dont hate the Celtics, you know you love em..Cause you are always checking up on these Celtics blogs and Celtics news sites! haha!

    i seriously laugh when i read your comments cause you have the time to post your 1cent worth of opinion! lol

    We arent out of first place. If you have ever checked the standings, we have been in 1st place for like 95% of the season.

    Norman, i know you will never go away from this site (unless JR bans you forever.lol) but i just hope you realize the things you say here are meaningless-worthless-pointless-etc, and its pretty funny to me..lol

    ahh Norman.. :D

  15. shelbyl says:

    Of the 10 back-to-back games we played on the road we could only win 2. It's what it is.

    KG and Allen were doing fine, but Rondo and Pierce was just off. Like, really, off.

    We lost 3 of our last 4 games. In one of them, KG played like crap. In the other one, Allen scored 5. This one Pierce and Rondo sucked.

    I believe that we're at a point where the starters just don't care anymore. Tonight, they cared for about 3 minutes, and that was enough to make a comeback. Yet then Rondo started midrange shooting and the effort was gone, KG didn't even touch the ball.

    On paper, these losses are worrisome. Yet when you actually watch the game, you realize that it's not about "not being able to win", it's about "not caring to win".

    Playoffs will be a different picture. The team will get back to the game, mentally.

    We weren't clear favorites to win the Eastern Conference before the trades, and we aren't now. It hasn't changed that much.

    There's still a month ahead. The team is looking better defensively every game. If Rondo becomes the playmaker he is soon enough, we'll be the Celtics we're again.

    Believe this team.

    By the way, Norman, what were you saying when the Lakers were playing like shit early in the season? Were you saying that the season was over and the Celtics were the champions? If not, than stfu.

  16. Anonymous says:

    yo Norman you just got served with real Celtics fans

  17. Eskoe says:

    Its fucken funny hearing people talk shit about danny & the celtics if your a true celtics fan you believe in faith .

    what people dont see is our roster is nowhere near healthy!. do you guys really think we are going to go into the playoffs with the same roster he have right now hell now danny ainge brought four new players that are healthy and still young enough to run the floor all this stuff about nenad i understand we all miss perk but nenad is a great player what people dont understand do you really think shaq is hurt fuck no this guy lost 15 pounds for one reason and that is playoffs what about jermaine oneal havent heard any news besides him saying his coming back soon. now think about it we have the biggest depth in the nba with shaq jermaine nenad big baby garnett & troy murphy something we havent had since the 08 season. now our 2nd unit can probably beat some of these starting line up teams think about it shaq big baby jeff green von and delonte. so everybody stop acting like our playoffs is over what happend last year we where 4th place and look were it took us the a game 7 in the fnials . now please dont no one say just because perkins was there we have 4 centers now back in 2010 was just rasheed and perkins if you really want to count williams count him but we all know he didn't do anything. as for rondo he is going through a slump right now just like ray allen kg and pierce have had good thing is happening right now than in the playoffs so everybody get off rondo and believe in your team just cus we lost a couple dont worry a team loses nobody goes undftd in the nba every team goes through a little downfall in the season so what people haven't noticed we have not lost more than 3 straight this season!!.

    As for norman shut the fuck up i live in los angeles and all you flaker fans i mean the los angeles kobe fans really love to pay attention to everything we do huh watch our games watch our trades get the fuck out of here ... im a true celtic true green true unbuntu fan so just stay tuned for playoffs cus last time i checked we are already in it. so don't matter what seed we go into expect us to go in there with the biggest players in the nba try coming into in the paint now once playoffs come!!. its celtics all day everyday fuck a flaker fan and anybody else who wanna doubt us. TRUE FANS DONT MAKE EXCUSES!!!.

  18. Anonymous says:


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