Time for the new guys to step up. We'll keep you updated on Baby's status.

JR 3/02/2011 11:19:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dammit. Does this mean we have to sign Eddy Curry?

  2. JR says:

    Why, is there a rule each team needs one active player that LOVES to eat? Hopefully Baby will be fine in a few days or a week. Murphy and Green could use the burn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shake back Big Baby

  4. Karl says:

    Week or two is fine without Big Baby.

  5. Get well FAST (lol) GD

  6. @karl i dont think i agree with you sir, he's the best sixth man of the season, (for some) and the new guys are still in the process of the C's system, i must say we need him more than before.. thats just my opinion karl.. :)

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