The Celtics fought hard but couldn't get the defensive stops they needed in a 108-103 loss to the Clippers. The first half was some of the worst defense the Celtics have played all year. DeAndre Jordan looked like the second coming of Moses Malone with about 6 dunks.  He finished with 21 points on 9-10 from the field. He was also able to make two clutch free throws to seal the game, though he had come into the game shooting just 44% from the charity stripe.  Mo Williams killed the Celtics as well with a couple clutch shots down the stretch.

Nenad Krstic was outstanding tonight. He was all over the offensive glass and finished with 20 points and 9 rebounds.  He's done everything right since comiong to Boston and has been a very pleasent surprise. Other than that no one had a great game. Pierce and Allen had solid games with Allen scoring 23 points, but neither one was spectacular. Garnett had a rare off shooting night going just 5-19. Those shots will go down any other night.

Rondo played better in the second half but still didn't look like himself. Jeff Green had his worst game since his opening night as a Celtic. Carlos Arroyo was a pleasent surprise off the bench and I really like that pickup for Boston.  The Celtics also did a good job on Blake Griffin, holding him to just 12 points.

This was not a terrible loss for the Celtics. There were a couple bad calls at the end(Rondo foul on Mo Williams and Mo Williams clear travel/palm violation) but I think the game was called pretty well overall.  These games happen during the course of the season, and if anything we can be proud that they came back the way they did when they easily could've folded. This Clippers team is no joke. If they ever develop any consistency and keep these players around they will be a playoff team next year.  Next game Friday against the pesky 76ers in Philly at 7pm.

Karl Dillinger 3/09/2011 10:18:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope bbd can play on friday as we have no bench

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wonder whats up with rondo?

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  4. Kg can still get to the rack. That's allot of J's

  5. Anonymous says:

    Troy Murphy sucks.

  6. Jenda says:

    Hah, Mo Williams palm violation.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I still don't think people put enough stock in the effect that trading Perk had on Rondo. Yes, he's a pro athelete, yes it's a job, but he's still a young man and how you feel in the locker room and on the practice court, affects how you play. I'm not saying he can't recover from it and continue to be great, but I'm not surprised at all that his play has suffered.

  8. tb727 says:

    Wow John Legend going wild. Unbelievable

  9. Anonymous says:

    The refs blew the call on Griffin passing to himself.

  10. Dylan says:

    on the bright side we clinched a playoff spot

  11. Anonymous says:

    A dire heart Boston fan but, the Perkins trade is and has hurt the C's. The defense mystique is gone and they are just another Miami. If they get out of East, LA will bury them. Also, they are putting too much stock on Shaq's return and playing ability at his age.

  12. Three Toe says:

    The clippers looked incredibly crisp. If even 2 of those easy, gimmee-shots had been makes instead of misses (pierce from the elbow, KG under the rim or at the invisible KG arc, rondo laying it up), and maybe a couple more correct calls (the blake self-pass, the blake jumping pierce on the drive, rondo supposedly but not really crashing into moe at the 3pt line). this is another W. still, just so much bad defense, especially early, not to mention the stretches of bad offense. They look like a team rebuilding, and it is exactly that. Its going to take time and practice before the new guys can grasp the way we play here.

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