Someone please comment, "They don't call him Grand Theft Rondo for nothing," and then maybe link to this.

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JR 2/13/2011 04:24:00 PM Edit
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  1. RoswellSounds says:

    What a great highlight... This is what I always wanted to see, specially when your team is injured and you´re facing this media-hyped monster in your Garden.

    The attitude. The strenght. The humor and intelligence to psyche out your rivals. The "fuck you, I do what I want" look in the eyes. And above it all, the conviction, the atributes and the finesse to make it all happen. Street-fucking-ball right in your little beach-party faces. Get the fuck out of here. Go drink some margaritas or whatever pussy beverage you can buy down there. See you in the east finals, if you guys can make it...

    Damn... I would kill to be able to do that in a professional court! But then again, who wouldn´t?
    Like Jenda said in another post: "This feels good".


  2. reean says:

    They dont call him Grand Theft Rondo for nothing

  3. JR says:

    LOL reean. i should hook you up with a free shirt for that. Key word being "should." :)

  4. Zack says:

    i laughed so hard when i seen this at first rondo was making lebron so mad it was a sight to see

  5. Marzena says:

    that was funny and awesome at the same time!

  6. Anonymous says:

    anybody noticed how Jeff Van Gundy is such an ass on the Celtics?

  7. celticfam wordaapp says:

    Rondo on the above, "No one called a time out...I just wanted to see the play." haha ah rondo

  8. Anonymous says:

    thats was awsome!! Rondo is the best! laughed so hard!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Top 1 hilarious play of the night, loved it. and Lebron actually laughed at him too, why would he be mad there was no timeout so he had a right to be there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I noticed that Jeff Van Gundy is a Heat fan. You can just tell he was rooting for them to beat us. I loved that Rondo did what he could to get under Lebron and the Heat's skin.

  11. reean says:

    Lol JR should, it be nice, but lol i dntt think yuu r gonna do thtt

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was rooting for the Celts but one of the Heat players should have kicked Rondo's ass

  13. alscorcho says:

    i find it very odd that if no timeout was called the coach can happily walk out onto the court

    i feel in most other leagues that would be a bench tech

    it's like when a player hits a go-ahead three and the 15th man runs onto the floor to celebrate whilst the game is still on for another 3 minutes...that should technically be a tech foul

    sometimes the NBA is odd...you can walk onto the court no worries but you can't show any emotion or it's a tech

  14. shelbyl says:

    You sure the NBA is odd just "sometimes"? :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I think Rondo was trying to send back a message. Have any of you seen this? Michael Beasley started the Eavesdropping back when he was with Miami, Rondo is just returning the favor... lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    "i feel in most other leagues that would be a bench tech"

    Change "leagues" to "teams" and I'm with you...Lebron and the Heat are Stern's anointed ones.

  17. JC says:

    It's cool!! We'll see who has the last laugh. RONDO'S A CHUMP!!. He's lucky Haslam wasn't there. Would have got the taste slapped out of his mouth. EL HEAT!!

  18. jC says:

    I meant Haslem. Sorry

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