James Jones went up against two of the greatest shooters in Celtics' history and won the three-point contest with a score of 20 in the final round.

Pierce took the silver medal with 18 points in the final round after narrowly escaping the first round. Pierce edged Dorell Wright by hitting his final money ball and ending with 12 points in the first go-around prompting an intense celebration from teammate, Kevin Garnett, on the sideline. Ray Allen, the NBA's all-time three-point king, finished third in the contest with 15 points.

So, Miami got the better of Boston's best in the three-point contest. Is this a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals?


Michael Saver 2/19/2011 10:13:00 PM Edit
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  1. Nicholas says:

    Well, I guess the Heat had to win something against us this year??? lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand the picture.

  3. I couldnt find a picture from the 3-point contest, so I opted to just use a funny picture of Shaq watching the 3-point contest

  4. Banner 18 says:

    Mike, here is two pics of Ray and Paul during the 3pt contest.



  5. I just put a picture of James Jones, thanks though Banner 18. At the time I posted this there weren't any pictures up yet.

  6. JR says:

    lol I saw the random Shaq pic earlier. You were channeling your inner Norman Dale with a random pic. Ha. I thought both Ray and Pierce represented well. Jones just got hot his last round.

    Ray is still the King.

  7. Banner 18 says:

    Yea youre welcome. Its about time Miami beats us in something ;)

  8. JR says:

    I must say the TNT crew were very entertaining tonight.

  9. Yeah I'm trying to channel some Norman since he's been banned from the site and just spends his time eating fish sticks and tweeting negative things about basketball

  10. Banner 18 says:

    lol yea, but i think Chuck was turing gay throughout the events - he kept bringing up Dwight Howard and Blake Griffins bodies/muscles and he kept comparing their build

  11. JR says:

    Didn't he call Howard "Dark Chocolate" or something? lol.

  12. Banner 18 says:

    hahaha! idk. but i dont doubt it!
    This was a very good dunk contest this year - sooo much better than last years disaster -_-

  13. I think McGee should've won even though I'm a big Blake fan. McGee said that Serge Ibaka did a dunk that he was going to do so it messed him up at the end. Think if he did something crazy the last time he would've won the fan vote.

  14. JR says:

    Ibaka should of gotten a 50 for dunking from the FT line. Also, I personally think you shouldn't be able to get a 50 if it take you like 7 attempts.

  15. I'm hoping that the Heat enjoy this win... that's the only thing they'll win over the Celtics this year...

    Ibaka was outright robbed in the dunk contest. And I liked McGee's dunks much better than Blake's even the car one. McGee's dunks were harder, not flashier though.

  16. Yeah i know, don't know how he didn't get a 50 for that. He would've gotten a higher score on the toy thing if he did it the first try I think.

  17. Lorilei says:

    Well Pierce & Allen did set a record today during practice at least lol: http://on.fb.me/ghfcMq

  18. Karl says:

    Blake Griffin was going to win even if the other guys jumped from half court to dunk. Dunk contest is rigged. Saying that, Blake Griffin is a certified beast

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