First off, let me just say that I love Danny Ainge. He is one of the best general manager's in the game and is the reason we won the title in 2008.  At the same time, I can't help but wonder why Marquis Daniels and Jermaine O'Neal were brought to Boston.  It all comes back to the age old question of whether is it better to bring in someone that has the potential to make a significant impact, or better to play it safe with someone dependable? In the case of Marquis Daniels, and especially Jermaine O'Neal, the risks far outweighed the benefits in my opinion.

Jermaine O'Neal hasn't been healthy in years. Marquis Daniels hasn't played a full season ever. It wasn't a question of if they would get injured, but when. Not to mention the fact that Jermaine O'Neal hasn't played at a high level in about 5 years and has never been a winner. Marquis Daniels had a couple solid years with Indiana and the Mavericks but has always underachieved in my opinion. People always talk about how he is a good slasher and defender and that is true. But if you don't actually do those things on a consistent basis it doesn't matter if you have skills because they aren't being used. With that being said, The important thing right now is Marquis concentrates on his health. A spinal injury is incredibly scary and we wish him the best in his recovery.

I always compare injury prone athletes to what they would be like at real jobs. I can be the world's greatest employee but if I'm always sick and missing work it doesn't really matter. They say half the battle is showing up but it is more like 75%. Give me someone that can stay on the court and that is consistent. This especially holds true for bench players. Bench guys don't need to be stars. They need to fill their roles on a consistent basis.

The question is do we make a move and if so, who do we give up? With the recent news that Shaq's injury isn't healing as well as had been hoped, the urgency to make a deal before the trade deadline gets even greater.  Financial matters aside I'd love for the Celtics to go after Tayshaun Prince or Shane Battier. Prince would obviously be a long shot because of the $11 million he is due,  but I've always wanted him on the Celtics. He's long and can defend three positions. He's a proven winner and from what I can tell a good teammate. What does it matter if he didn't play well against the Celtics? Who does play well against the Celtics. Our defense is sick.  I'd also love Battier. Another guy that can defend and while he hasn't won in the NBA much, he was a winner in college.

The bottom line is we can't just HOPE that people will become healthy. That's the problem.  We just assume everyone is magically going to become healthy for the playoffs. If you can make a deal for an impact guy off the bench you do it as long as it doesn't involve Glen Davis or Delonte. I like Erden and Harangody but we aren't building for the future right now. We are playing to win this year and you do whatever it takes to get a title even if that means sacrificing a couple guys that could help in the future.  Here's hoping we don't rest on our laurels and have a sense of urgency.

Karl Dillinger 2/15/2011 12:56:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Karl this was your best article ever, period. You make a lot of valid points. I'd say showing up is probably 90% of the job too, not just 75%.

    Problem with Shaq's injury is that him and Jermaine are both centers. I anticipate Shaq coming back in time for the playoffs so the bigger spot to fill would be backup small forward.

    Don't forget Perkins and Glen Davis are both free agents this season and I'm sure Davis is gonna walk- he'll want too much money and wants to start consistently, neither of which he will get in Boston. So if the right opportunity presents itself, as much as I like him and he does play hard and well against many teams, Danny may have to consider parting with him or suffer getting nothing in compensation

  2. Imran says:

    Another good post and another scary title. I thought KG popped his knee again when I saw it, but in some ways I agree

  3. Jenda says:

    Karl I see the debate got you pumping yesterday.
    Man, I hope Perk stays. He is almost irreplaceable. Even Davis is hard to replace, there is not much besides KG and him on the 4. 'Gody has played some solid games but he is far too small. He'd have to become another Rodman/Barkley, rebounding beast with solid defense to be of use.

  4. .chuckT. says:

    Very well written.

    JO - I read on Celtics.com that JO has been looking good & he said having the surgery was a great idea - and Doc has some good words to say about him - so thats good.

    Shaq - I am honestly very surprised that Shaq has been out this long cause he started the year out looking like the Shaq back in 2000. But like Karl said a few weeks ago, Sit Him - not until April, but until this whole 'Hurt Achilles' thing is just a memory & not reality. I hope he is back within a few weeks cause we need a backup C.

    Quis - I was VERY disappointed that Quis went down the other week. I believe he had played every game this season before that. I guess the basketball Gods just said 'Wait, why is Quis playing every game and not getting hurt?! We need to hurt him now!' -_- ugghh..

    Delonte, Semih, Nate - I was really looking forward to seeing West play tomorrow evening, but I guess we wont see that happen. I dont even know what an 'abductor strain' is, but it needs to get off of Semih. Nate looks like he is fine. I always see him be the first one to hop up off the bench when Ray or Paul shoots a three, then he goes and slaps 'Three' w/ everyone...get your ass on the floor, Nate! And stop taking the ball up court and shooting a three when there are NO C's in the paint to get your rebound!! -_- ugghh!!

    Who i wouldnt mind the C's get to backup PP and/or Ray:
    -Shane Battier
    -Rip and/or Prince
    -Terrance Williams

    Bigs i wouldnt mind getting to backup KG & Perk if Shaq, Semih & JO are injured:
    -D. Lee
    -R. Lewis
    -Big Al!!
    just to name a few

    OUR bench guys i DONT want to give up:

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Jenda says:

    Posey is gone, he's not the player he was back with the C's. 'Sheed is gone, he's not a player at all.

  7. Three Toe says:

    Good article Karl. As you know, I've disliked the JO trade since it was a possibility. I didn't know much about Marquis till the year before he came to the Celtics, but I really like his game. Based on that, I think he is a good fit for his team, however, based on age and injury lists, he is a bad fit for the team. When your entire team is more injury-prone that most other teams, bringing in more of that and crossing your fingers is asking for trouble. Plus with Marquis's history of back issues (apparently his spinal cord already has been injured), this sort of thing is especially dangerous for him, and he must understand the severity, his grandmother was paralyzed according to wikipedia.

  8. Karl says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!TB- Good point about Davis. I didn't think about that. He's one of my favorite players in the league though so I'd hate to see him go. Should be an interesting next week.

  9. Bohemian says:

    Awesome article Karl! Lots of questions to be answered, I guess Danny loves to roll the dice and gamble. So far we've lost it with JO, but everything is possible.

    I agree there should be a move soon. We can't rely on health as we've seen so far.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Karl, I am glad you are not the GM... The Celtics are doing just fine and have 18 banners and pretty damn close to getting another one. Why some people here pump you up like this is a great article. Truth of the matter is my 12 yo daughter could have made the same points you made.

  11. Karl says:

    Thanks Anonymous. I'm glad I'm not either.I appreciate you gave the Celtics an extra banner. Hopefully they get that 18th this year!

  12. JR says:

    "I appreciate you gave the Celtics an extra banner. " LOL! Awesome line Karl.

    Anonymous, tell your daughter to email me if she wants to write for the site. We'll consider her.

  13. Neil Anderson says:

    those were some pretty good points but i think once Quis gets healthy we should trade him(if its before the deadline which it probably wont) Avery Bradley and Gody are really the only possible bench people who can be traded since their not injured. but i think Luke has good potential. Semih isn't all that great...uh Von Wafer might possibly be in some trade rumors but i dont think him and Bradley are a good enough offer to any one...and for Tayshaun Prince. I dont like him at all. I dont know why..he just doesnt seem good to me...shane battier might be a good deal though...and at the end of the season with Baby and Perk being free agents I think Perk will leave and Baby will stay

  14. Neil Anderson says:

    o and to just say my opinion about the East all star starters....i dont think Rose should be starting over the assist machine Rajon Rondo....just sayin

  15. Karl says:

    I've honestly not seen Prince play a lot the last couple years but he was one of my favorite non-Celtics players during the Pistons run so I'm a little biased. I do think we need to make a move because we are going to have to beat the Magic or Bulls then the Heat just to get to the Finals this year which is going to be a really tough task even with all those bench guys healthy(which is kind of a pipe dream in my opinion).

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