Reports are finally coming in on Twitter from the Celtics practice.   Nate was out on the floor when the curtains opened but reports are that he didn't practice.  However they are saying that he looks good and should be good to go for Sunday's game vs the Heat.  That's good news for the Celtics depleted bench.

The good news stops there, however.  The sorta good news is that Delonte put in his second full practice coming back from the wrist injury.  He isn't expected to play vs the Heat but could put in an appearance Wednesday vs the Nets to get a little run before the All Star break.  

The rest of the news wasn't good at all.  Semih and Shaq and of course, Jermaine will all be out vs the Heat also.  But,  the word out of practice is that the Shaq and Semih's injuries are not responding well to treatment and they could be out beyond the break.  We need to get at least one back up center back so hopefully one of them will heal quicker and get back after the break. 

Chris Forsberg, as always,  is right on top of things with video of Rondo putting up jumpers after practice.  Hopefully he puts in a LOT of work on his jumper.

And, in the taking out the trash section, here are some words from Paul and Ray about the 3 point contest from the Celtics Twitter.
Ray jokingly says: "Paul said I have no shot in the 3-Point contest." Paul's response, with stern look: "No shot. I'm not smiling either."
It's going to be fun!!! 

FLCeltsFan 2/12/2011 02:41:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Would have been nice to see some Delonte. It's a pity Marquis got injured. Was looking forward to seeing how Delonte, Wafer, and Marquis might play together. I guess it was inevitable.

  2. .chuckT. says:

    Well, this sucks. I was hoping to see Delonte make an early return (like Perk did). This is a game where he could really help us.
    The only way the C's can beat the Heat tomorrow afternoon is if EVERYBODY plays well, not JUST the Starters and not JUST the reserves, EVERYONE needs to play well (unlike Thursday evening vs LAL).

    -We need everyone playing top notch D.
    -We need KG & Perk dominating Bosh/Z/Dampier in the paint
    -We need Ray to keep up his great 'Vs Heat' play
    -We need PP to be the go-to scorer
    -We need Rondos D & passing (and his shot clock buzzer beaters!)
    -We need Baby to MAKE his jumpers and keep up his great in-the-paint scoring
    -We need Nate (if he plays) to make SMART plays & hit his daily dose of threes
    -We need Wafer to play his scappy D and keep up his driving-in-the-pain and three point shooting
    -AND IF WE USE HIM, We need Luke to be the tough rebounder he his (& we could use that weird jump shot for threes/two pointers!)

    Get it done C's..we need this win..

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