Trading 5 players in one day (btw did Danny Ainge know the Celtics were in second place in the league?) and with their other 2 centers already injured, the Celtics have signed Chris Johnson to a 10 day contract.

Johnson is 6'11 and from BYU and apparently has a great wingspan.  He was playing for the Dakota Wizards of the NBDL.

He will be available for tonight's game in Denver

Yours truly hopes he can make it onto the floor so he can appear in this segment in the future.

tb727 2/24/2011 07:25:00 PM Edit
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  1. He'll be the next Artis Gilmore

  2. Do you think this Chris Johnson looks anything like this?? http://stlouisramfan.com/blog/uploaded_images/Chris-Johnson1-720542.JPG

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cannot be worse then Avery Bradley playing some time at center tonight

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry but like the picture shows this dude from LSU. he's got to add more bulk still

  5. Patrick O'Bryant says:

    Why didn't I get a call today?

  6. Shut up Patrick go back to rehab

  7. Anonymous says:

    Our prayers are answered. Awesome move Danny.

  8. Pretty sure he's from LSU based on the picture lol. Regardless, hopefully he can bridge the gap until Murphy signs or Shaq gets healthy.

  9. Adam says:

    got excited for a second and thought that this was the chris johnson of the NFL lol

  10. Neil Anderson says:

    he's only here cuz we needed someone to backup at the pf/c position tonight since the worst GM today (excluding the bobcats GM trading Gerald Wallace) likes to trade away all are big men

  11. looks like an incredible shot-blocker and alley-oop catcher, an asset.

    can't say much about his rebounding, but then if he got his weight up his leaping ability would suffer.


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