Last season about this time, I could find 6 or 7 game threads on Cavs boards and there was a lot of trash talk.  What a difference a year makes.  Most Cavs boards don't even bother with game threads any more.  It's very sad and I really hope that this franchise can pick itself up again after the LeBron debacle set them back so far.  For me, the night was all about Perk, so, here in Perk's honor are today's Comments from the Other Side! 

We need a big man....

We need somebody to step up and go for 30+ tonight for a chance of winning tonight. The Wizards beat these guys a couple days ago, lets beat them, and end this losing streak!!!

If we're within 15 at the half, I'll be stunned.

As if things were bad enough for the Cavs.......PDCavsinsider: Kendrick Perkins to play tonight vs Cavs.

I think that's about a week early, too bad for us, he'll be well rested too.

As long as none of our guys sustains an injury tonight, I will consider it successful.

We've beat them before and we can beat them again

Nice ovation for Perkins, glad to see him playing.

The Boston announvcers are the pits.

That comment deserves a Tommy Point

That was typical hickson a moment ago... Gets a nice block on Semih and then directly commits such a strange offensive foul afterwards

Harangody looks like Shaq out there against the Cavs....

Who said Rondo doesn't have a jumper?

Seems like Rondo always hits that tough 3 Pointer with 2 on the shot-clock lol

Seems like noone on the team can hang on to the ball..We have to have the weakest hands in the league..This game is just about over I'm sorry to say..

This is getting ugly...real ugly

Boston getting the calls - no surprise.

Boston taking care of business.

It's hard to win with a team with so many injuries. Even harder to win when the refs give all the calls to the Celtics.

They have just a tad more talent and experience than we do

I sure hope we have a better 2nd Half.

I hope they put up a fight. If they give every team they play a run for their money, they'll get their respect back. Although going down twenty points to Boston doesn't help the cause.

This might be the best game Hickson has ever played

Pierce lit us up but Cavs are playing pretty decent...we simply lack TALLNESS!!!
We cannot stop Boston's bigs!

Yeah, the 9-20 3point shooting combined with the plus 16 point off turnovers have nothing to with it.. Its all about the bigs

Anyone else find it odd in a 20 point game... Rondo has 444 plus minutes

22 straight road losses. I'm surprised these guys still even get on the plane at this point.

These announcers are getting on my nerves They jabber alot about crap I dont care about and compared us to a high school team

If only we were on national TV.......o wait ESPN hates us too.....darn it.

Yeah not cool by the Celtic commentators, they started ripping on us big time in the 4th qtr....

Remember, It's all about the ping pong balls! At the game, stand up and CHEER after every loss. We don't want wins. We want draft picks!

Its tough to watch, but with half the team straight out of the d-league going against the defending champs its not totally surprising. At least we have the Indians to look forw........aw, nevermind.

FLCeltsFan 1/26/2011 11:09:00 AM Edit
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  1. Three Toe says:

    these fans dont have much to cheer for. poor guys.

  2. Banner 18 says:

    Wow..i remember the comments from the other side from the last-years-cavs-fans..they were ripping the C's left and right..it was more fun reading those Cavs fans' comments than these..
    I think the whole Cavs organization should move to the D League.lol - But they might get embarrassed there too..

  3. TK says:

    My God, this is a broken city. I genuinely feel bad for them.

    If only we were on national TV.......o wait ESPN hates us too.....darn it.

    No, no. No one hates Cleveland. It's just that no one respects you. Sorry... truth.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cavs are a joke and an embarrasement. Without lebron james, the cavs are back into their d-league ways. Lebron james + *X = championship team. Unfortunately *X turned out to be the cavs for the past 7 years. This made the cavs fans overconfident in their team when all along it was Lebron James doing all the work and putting in all the effort. The moment he left, instead of congratulating him for serving his 7 years in cleavland, the fans booed and hissed at him like an ex-girlfriend throwing a tantrum. I consider all cleveland and lebron-haters the scum and rats of the earth as they embody the word hypocrite. Don't feel sorry for them, they brought it on themselves. They put all their hopes and dreams on one mans shoulders (lebron) and after he tried and tried for 7 grueling years with the most pathetic team in professional sports history, he realized that cleveland wasn't worth it. And when he left what did the 'oh so loyal' glory hunters, i mean cleveland fans do? they ostracized him and labelled him a traitor. After he gave them 7 of his best years... absolutely pathetic cleveland. The least cleveland could've done is show a drop of gratitude and respect for the man who made the cavs relevant again. Maybe the world would show you some respect then. What did all that hating on lebron accomplish anyway besides making the cleveland fans the most hated group of individuals in sporting history? The fans only have themselves to blame for their teams embarrasingly poor performance so don't feel sorry for them.

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