The Boston Celtics won their 6th straight game tonight, knocking off the Chicago Bulls 104-92 at the TD Banknorth Garden in Beantown.

Kevin Garnett put in his best performance of the season with 20 points, 17 rebounds, and 6 assists. Rajon Rondo filled up the stat sheet as well, tallying 12 points, 19 assists, and 6 boards. The rest of the starting five (Paul Pierce, Shaquille O'Neal, and Ray Allen) totalled 44 points on 18-34 shooting from the field.

Derrick Rose scored 20 points, while dishing out 8 dimes in Chicago's losing effort. Joakim Noah contributed with 14 points and 10 rebounds. The Bulls team as a whole shot only 41.9% field goal shooting.

The C's came out with intensity tonight, dropping 31 points in the opening frame (8 of those courtesy of KG) and taking a 12-point lead into the 2nd quarter. Chicago answered, winning that frame by 7 points. Entering the 3rd quarter with a 5-point lead, the Celtics put the game away, winning the frame 29-19. From that point on, the Bulls never cut the deficit back to single digits.

After 10:53 of the final quarter filled with "SCALABRINE!" chants from the crowd, Head coach Byron Scott put Scal into the game. He received a standing ovation (of course), but did not take a shot in the remainder of regulation. Earl Watson hit a three-pointer as time expired, and Boston prevailed with a 104-82 victory.

The C's return to action Sunday afternoon in New Jersey. Tipoff is at 1:00 PM ET.

Stephen Bailey 12/03/2010 10:54:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Great game from Rondo yet again- totally dictated the pace of play and awesome passing. Hoping his injury is nothing serious as he tends to be struggling defensively moving laterally. Shaq was solid as was Marquis. Good games from Ray and Paul. And a throwback game for KG. Just a fantastic win across the board. Love seeing that scumbag Noah lose. He gets away with a lot of travels and pushes out there.

    And anyone else dumbfounded by the "Mark Jackson for the HOF" comments by the ESPN announcers? 1 time all star? 9 ppg career average? No titles? I understand about all the assists but he played awhile. I don't think there's a chance of him getting in and if he somehow makes it, would be a bigger atrocity than Joe Dumars by a landslide...

  2. chris j says:

    you said byron scott, you ment thibs i think

  3. Anonymous says:

    bryon scott? lol. SEND MO WILLIAMS IN!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great game by KG! We need to see that KG every night.
    near the end of the article you made a typo. you put '104-82 victory'

  5. Bohemian says:

    Awesome game, I watched it on TV :))

    hehe it seems there's a little Friday night spirit out there: CJ Watson hit that three, not Earl ;)

  6. Earl Watson? Byron Scott? What the hell's wrong with you Bailey? Were you inebriated when you wrote this?!

  7. RoswellSounds says:

    I went to see PRIMUS and got my ass kicked by Les Claypool yesterday night, but catched the game today.

    Nice win, guys! Take that Noah, you ugly scrub. Nah, I like the kid. But he´s really ugly. Shaq, KG & Rondo won the game in the 3rd.

    Another one in the pocket. Sunday afternoon vs Nets. Ahh, ain´t life great!? =D

  8. JR says:

    Norman you write a recap or STFU. Karl needed someone to cover his day and if the best we can do is a drunk, so be it. Don't sweat Norman Stephen. He's a douche.

    Byron Scott though? Really? lol

  9. Jenda says:

    RoswellSounds That must've been awesome!

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