Box Score after the jump.

R. Rondo(notes)G31:183-51-10-0+18258650007
R. Allen(notes)G30:004-112-46-6+161613200216
S. Erden(notes)C40:423-60-04-4+342702141510
P. Pierce(notes)F28:371-90-56-8+20142123128
K. Garnett(notes)F23:266-100-01-2+1011120110113
Percentages.437.381.821Team Rebounds: 7
G. Davis(notes)25:586-120-14-6+142702012316
M. Daniels(notes)25:174-72-30-0+232611311310
N. Robinson(notes)12:502-52-40-0+7002200026
V. Wafer(notes)12:121-31-32-2+3014100025
L. Harangody(notes)5:420-00-00-0+4011000000
A. Bradley(notes)3:581-30-00-0+6000010012

JR 12/11/2010 11:58:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anike says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. I'm looking forward to the Comments From The Other Side on this one!

  3. Twelve says:

    +34 with semih on the floor! woo

  4. Anonymous says:

    You should start putting in the box score for both teams

  5. Jenda says:

    I'd like that too, if it's possible.

  6. JR says:

    I'll just start copying Yahoo's entire website. Will that do? ;)

  7. Jenda says:

    Please don't! You know how much I admire the work of you and all the other people posting here. If you don't, well it's very gosh darn much! Just if it would be possible to post the opposing numbers as well, that would be oh so awesome.

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