The Globe is carrying Danny Ainge's response to today's altercation between Delonte West and Von Wafer.  

"There was an altercation and we just handled it internally and we’ll move forward," Ainge said. "I talked with the guys. Doc [Rivers] talked with them and we’re just moving forward on it."
"I did read that story and there was a lot of lies in that story," Ainge said. "Things were twisted. It’s not true. We’re not releasing Delonte. There have not been any other of these altercations that have happened this year.

"Guys trash talk and that kind of stuff by I’m not aware of any other altercation among any players at all during the course of the year. These things happen. It’s not acceptable behavior. We’ll just handle it internally and that’s it.
"Whoever wrote the story had something to get Delonte. That’s for sure. There’s some untruths in that story.
It was stated that Alex Kennedy's source could be Von Wafer himself and if so, that would explain the skewed details on the altercation.   Adrian Wojnarowski reports that West has been living up to his medical requirements and that cutting him hasn't been discussed.  If Wafer is indeed the source of the original reports as well as the comment about West being on his meds, that is a pretty dirty trick.   It might make sense since the position is Delonte's to lose.    As a Celtics fan and a Delonte fan, I'm glad that things aren't as bad as first reported on Hoopsworld. 

FLCeltsFan 10/29/2010 04:28:00 PM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    Does he really have a "REDZ" tattoo on his arm?

  2. In pregame interviews Wafer denied the fight and said that reporters should ask Doc and Danny. He also denied sending the tweet.

    Doc confirmed the fight but said it was being taken care of in house.

    Very odd goings on. Let's hope they got it out of their systems and put it behind them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Media looking to create drama. Let's just stick with details about the game and save the tabloid b.s. for the tabloids. This is sports not gossip, right?????

  4. glitterchick says:

    I'm thinking KG better grab both of them and have a talk. We don't do crazy in Boston.

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