One thing I noticed from the comments on last night's game was that Luke Harangody must be doing something right. Knick fans already don't like him. I loved the one comment about how Harangody is Elton Brand with range. Now that is some respect for a late 2nd round pick. There's also a lot of respect for Rondo. I agree with the Knicks fans. Rondo is special. And to think 21 other teams, some needing PG's passed up on him. Knicks fans also are putting a lot of faith in having Amare. If they feel that without him they are one of the worst teams in the league, they are in real trouble.  We've seen how well teams do who lean on a superstar and don't fill in the blanks around him.   Preseason games have been fun but I'm so ready for the season to start. (and for the ridiculous new tech rules to go away). Here's today's Comments from the Other Side...

it's funny because the Celtics were the last Team in the NBA to get Cheerleaders, now they have among the best.

Why are we playing Boston so much anyway? Recession must be hitting hard.

Overtime win. Book it.

Without amare ? Not a chance

I'd rather see the rookies again than really really try to beat Pierce and Co.

This could get ugly if Doc Rivers plays his starters heavy minutes. Without Amar'e Stoudemire, we are one of the worst teams in the entire league.

I'm really expecting and hoping a big comeback performance from Raymond Felton because Rajon Rondo embarrassed him in the last game.

Did anyone see shaq's quotes about the reffing changes? Pretty awesome

Shaq is going to foul out our whole front line

I Hate KG tryna be Gangster I swear...

D'Antoni thinks it's good strategy to shoot as many 3's as possible because they are worth more points. Not only is this bad strategy, but D'Antoni thinks this is clever and will overruse it to prove how clever he is.

Anyone realize the Celtics "could" have 5 hall of famers on the floor shaq and KG shoe ins, pierce and Allen possibly, rondo needs to keep playin like he does for years, imagine if these guys were all together in their prime

If shaq hit me as hard as he just hit toney Douglas, I would not have been able to get up for 20 minutes at least

I already HATE that doofy white dude on the Celts, Luke Harangooby

Watching Shaq try and create space at this age is super depressing.

Rajon Rondo is definitely rubbing off on Nate Robinson

Rondo is so good, he really is.

Harangody is Farve's illegitimate child

Harangody is a solid player... I really like him. Celtics did good drafting him

Can we fire D'Antoni yet before he turns every player into a chucker?

A guy called Patrick Ewing in a Knicks uniform shooting 3 pointers, now I have seen everything!!!

Always doing things men of that height just dont do

Gallo must be happy Marquise daniels has the night off

Big Baby looks pretty solid.

Harangody = Elton Brand w/range.

AR should be given a shock collar that goes off if he moves more than 10 ft. Away from the rim.

Boston has no cohesion with shaq on the floor. They look worse on D, and just resort to posting up with Shaq

Boston has a mean frontline

This rebounding is horrid...but it's Shaq and Garnett, kinda hard

If there were an Olympic competition for synchronized whining just blow a whistle and the Celtics bring home the gold. No practice required.

Rondo should not be grabbing the rebound with FOUR Knicks right there!!!!

Rondo with the stutter-step and finishing with the floater.. He really perfected that.

The Celtics really don't want to lose to the Knicks. You can tell.

Gallo can't guard Pierce

Nobody can't guard p.pierce...he's very very good

Pierce has taken over this game. He now has to be doubled and our D is breaking down. Holy Crap is Rondo sick

Doc must really want to win this with Pierce playing with 5 fouls

Why in the hell is Connecticut so against us? This crowd is annoying me! Aren't we closer to Conn. Than Boston? Idiots.

Nate now making us look dumb.

Rondo has more Rebounds than the Knicks

How about boxing Rondo out. Maybe we should try that?

Rondo is special. The Celtics may win it all, all because of his rebounding.

When nate scores it annoys me

Nate mean mugged at our bench...not cool dude. But hey when you were here many loved you when you were a jerk then too.

Wafer is such a chucker lol. What a terrible player

He would look great on these Knicks

Another pre-season lost. The end of the fourth was dreadful. They should be ashamed.

Nate really made us look dumb, but it's just the preseason, so I really don't mind.

FLCeltsFan 10/17/2010 10:08:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Pierce and Allen as "maybe" HOF's? Aren't they pretty much both top 65 players of all-time? They're in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are crazy. Top 65 of all time?

  3. tb727 says:

    Oh geez do I need to name them. Fine here we go (Top 60 aren't in order):

    1. Bird
    2. Magic
    3. Michael
    4. Abdul Jabaar
    5. Chamberlain
    6. Russell
    7. Moses Malone
    8. Karl Malone
    9. Shaq
    10. KG
    11. Kobe
    12. LeBron
    13. Jerry West
    14. Oscar Robertson
    15. Mchale
    16. Nowitzki
    17. Iverson
    18. Duncan
    19. Olajuwon
    20. Ewing
    21. David Robinson
    22. Gary Payton
    23. Nash
    24. Stockton
    25. Sam Jones
    26. George Gervin
    27. Walton
    28. Rick Barry
    29. Dave Cowens
    30. Pippen
    31. Havlicek
    32. Isaiah Thomas
    33. Bob Cousy
    34. Barkley
    35. Drexler
    36. Dr J
    37. Bob Petit
    38. Elgin Baylor
    39. Nate Thurmond
    40. Wes Unseld
    41. Clyde Frazier
    42. Elvin Hayes


    43. Bernard King
    44. James worthy
    45. Billy Cunningham
    46. Reggie Miller
    47. Mitch Richmond
    48. Hal Greer
    49. Robert Parish
    50. Tom Heinsohn
    51. Bill Sharman
    52. Dominique
    53. Paul Arizin
    54. Tiny Archibald
    55. Bob McAdoo
    56. Jerry Lucas

    57 Paul Pierce
    58 Ray Allen

    So they could be as high as 43. Please name me 7 players better. Dying to hear who you throw out. And you my friend are crazy!

  4. tb727 says:

    Even throw in there Mikan, Hal Greer, Kidd and Wade. Still Top 65....

  5. jeffereigh says:

    tb727 getting it done...

    these comments from the other side are hilarious, particularly about Harangody..

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