Those of us who tuned in to the USA vs Spain exhibition game to get a look at Rajon Rondo playing for tea
USA were disappointed as Rondo logged a DNP in the game.  But, not to worry about Rondo's spot on the team or injury issues, Coach K explained Rondo's absence after the game.
Those are two veterans and young guys haven’t had a chance to start or whatever, so before we select our 12 we needed to give everyone a look.
We were trying to learn about our younger players so we started a different lineup.  Before we talk about the outside, Lamar Odom should be our starting center. He’s finally into shape I think to play at this level. Curry has been out so we wanted to give him a chance and we already know what Rondo and Granger can do.

Former Celtic Eddie House is in the news as he has been speaking out about his new team and feelings toward his old team.   He describes his new team as "Boston on steroids."   Since many fans around the league already think that LeBron is taking steroids, that may not have been the best choice of words for Eddie to use.   Eddie also said when the Celtics traded him, it stung.  From the AZ Central article:    

Yet for House, this is somewhat personal. He's not one to carry grudges, but he's still sore at the Celtics for trading him to the rotten Knicks in February. Come playoff time, he plans on reminding them just what they're missing.
"That stung a little bit," House said. "When you feel like you're a main part of what the team is doing and you're on a mission, to get the rug pulled out from under you and get sent to a team that has no shot . . . that kind of hurt."
Another former Celtic is also in the news.  Antoine Walker has gone through some bad times recently with legal problems over his gambling debts.   He is trying to make a comeback in the league at the age of 34.  He has been working out with Rick Pitino (aka "He Who Must Not be Named") in Louiville and reports are that several teams are interested in giving him a look.   I'm pretty confident that the Celtics aren't one of them.  As much as Antoine loved Boston and many fans still have a soft spot for him still, I think twice is enough.    Although 30 something veterans have been Danny's type of players over the past few years. 

Along with the former Celtics in the news, a current Celtic has been the topic of some news as well.  Paul Pierce was quoted in the Globe saying that he wanted the Celtics to get away for training camp.  With 6 new players on the team (the O'Neals, Wafer, Harangody, Bradley, and Erden) and another experiencing his first training camp in green (Nate),  the Captain feels that it may be time to seek seclusion and build chemistry.   If you remember, the first training camp of the Big 3 era was held in Europe and the players have all felt that the seclusion helped them to build chemistry quickly.  I can imagine that Pierce wants to recreate that feeling and so has made his bid for a similar experience this season. 

Shaq is also in the news for reasons other than basketball.  Shaq's love life has been making headlines on several blogs.   Less than 6 months after having his divorce finalized from his wife of 7 years, Shaq has reportedly proposed to former reality show contestant Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.  Shaq has spent much of his summer in Alexander's home town of Maryville, TN and has purchased a home with Alexander in Maryville’s Royal Oaks golf community.   I'm thinking that dating a sexy woman from rural Tennessee who recently appeared on a reality show called I Love Money might not be the best idea.   Can you say "distraction"?

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  1. Jenda says:

    If Shaq is not careful his newest nickname could be Big Antoine.

  2. Karl says:

    Interesting that Eddie would say that. I guess I'd be bitter too if I was traded to the Knicks.

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