Summer Quandaries #19
Aug 19—42 Days to camp

Quick Hits

D-League doesn’t start until Nov. 19.
This means that Gody, Bradley, Erden, and ? will be with parent club to start NBA season.

All free agents signed by Sept. 15 are eligible to be traded on Dec. 15.
If Danny sees problems (Wafer, injuries, Shaq), needs (that missing three), and/or developments (Bradley for instance) that imply surplus/duplicated assets then Dec. 15 might be more active than the trade deadline.

Any odds yet on first coach fired? Will Don Nelson make it to tipoff?

A true sign of NBA balance, Dolan and Sterling gives them an idiot on each coast.
Edit:  Like Bill Simmons needs me plugging his article, but you ought to read his take on Dolan  Just too spot on!  Why is it that I so much more enjoy reading Simmons when he isn't trying to write about the Celtics? 

Lee Lauderdale 8/19/2010 11:53:00 PM Edit
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  1. It will be interesting to see if Danny sends all the rookies to the D League or keeps them with the Celts. I think it will depend on whether he sees that rookie contributing this season or not. We definitely need to start developing players for the future though!

    Thanks for the laugh. The NBA balance line is classic! (but true)

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