Sometimes good things happen when you least expect them. Sometimes it takes more than the usual set of eyes to know what a diamond in the rough looks like.

Particularly this diamond, who surprisingly has grown in leaps and bounds, and is now secured as the cornerstone for the future foundation in the city of Boston.

I'm very thankful that Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics management made it crystal clear that they didn't want him to wear any other jersey except the Green and White (and probably a dozen All-Star jerseys along the way). Their patience has definitely paid off.

In just a span of four years, Rajon Rondo has gone from becoming a measly 21st pick in the 2006 draft to an all-star player that other elite point guards now have to measure themselves with. He's gone from averaging a mediocre 6 points and 3 assists per game as a rookie, to becoming a real threat posting double double figures in the playoffs and when it mattered most, a triple double if you will, please (Flashback Game 4, Cleveland vs Boston).

His level of consistency has greatly improved, to the point that he had to shoulder most of the load that The Big Three usually handle. He has earned Garnett, Pierce and Allen's respect and while they will all still be together for a year or two, at the back of their heads they already know who's going to be the man when the time comes for the three amigos to retire their jerseys.  

He still has his free-throw and jump shooting woes, but we all know at one point, he's going to be able to conquer his achilles' heel. He's already shown signs of that, taking the big shot when it mattered most and making it. (How many of you thought that Rondo's desperation 3-pointer wouldn't be going in when he fired one in the last minute of Game 7 in LA? We all know the final outcome, but looking back, he almost gave the Purple and Gold fans a heart attack when he hit that shot and still gave hope for the Cs).

As of to date, he's being compared to Bob Cousy, or better than the Celtic legend. He's received various monikers from "Grand Theft Rondo" to "The Prince of Thieves", thanks to his franchise record of registering the most number of steals last season (189). He's now got his trademark ball fake move, causing fans to chant the now famous, "You Got Rondo'd!" expression to the guy who bit into his fake.

While the buzz for the most part of summer may be directed to South Beach Florida and the Three Watchamacallits, for the Boston Celtics and their millions of true bleeding green fans worldwide... it's more about the Dawn of the Age of Rondo, which has already begun.

Being selected as one of 15 finalists to make the 2010 USA World Championship Team is just another evidence of his rising greatness.

Thanks to the Big Three, the rest of his team, an amazing coach in Doc Rivers, and the philosophy of Ubuntu... the two-time NBA all-defensive point guard, NBA all-star, and NBA champion has gone a long way already, and I believe it's only going to get much better, even as the reality of rebuilding the line-up looms in the horizon.

Other key players will most likely again be traded. Some will be drafted. Many will make a difference. And Rajon Rondo will be there... their cornerstone... leading the way.

Gerald Alden 8/03/2010 12:06:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is to Rajon
    Alaways trust those closest and dearest to your heart for that is what UBUNTU truly is the things and people and teammates that make you who u are never give up never give in you have made a difference in a bunch of peoples lives you are my favorite player and have been since you were a Rook and i am your biggest fan why because You gave me hope when i was in a home full of abuse every time my father would come home i would run to my room turn on the tv and look for anything on about you or the Celts if nothing was on i would go online and read articles about you all Thats where i found UBUNTU And to anyone wants to tell me their story about how they found UBUNTU look me up on facebook my name is Larry gales and my email address is RomeoCasanova1@msn.com theres nothing to be afraid of we are all a Brotherhood

  2. bballee says:

    Nice article Gerald.

  3. RoswellSounds says:

    WoW... I was going to write something ´bout the article and Rondo, but Romeo´s comment took me to another place.

    When the ball stops, we keep breathing. Lights fade, and yet we still face the stars and try to make something, anything, in the new dawn that greets and spits on us. If we are lucky, we have someone with us. If we are REALLY fortunate, then we can find and practice UBUNTU with the persons that share a bond with us: ideas, trust, respect...


    Now come on and tell me that the BOSTON CELTICS are just a sports team...

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