With the players that brought home the Olympic gold in 2008 not participating this Summer, what do you believe are the USA's chances of coming in 1st in next month's World Championships?

JR 7/27/2010 03:19:00 AM Edit
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  1. I have mixed feelings about Rondo making team USA. I know it would be great to have him representing the USA but the Celtics need him fresh and ready for the season... I worry about injury and fatigue in the season if he plays all offseason on team USA. And maybe if they cut him it lights a fire under him to improve his FT shooting because that would be one of the main reasons he doesn't make it in my opinion.

  2. JR says:

    I didn't think of the motivation/light a fire positive if he gets cut. Good point. I just want to see him make it, b/c I figured he's young enough that the run won't fatigue him, I like playing with great athletes will showcase his game (He's a running point guard). Iguodola, Gay, and Durant on the wings? Wow. Also for selfish reasons I want to watch this. Lastly with the whole stars buddying up thing, I figure it wouldn't hurt for Rajon to become friendly with the NBA's elete. For example Iggy might be on the block this year and let's say he has a positive experience with Rondo. That might encourage him to want to play for Boston.

    I won't be devastated if Rondo gets cut, for the reasons many have said, but I'm rooting for the kid.

  3. Jenda says:

    The "Jordan syndrome" is good observation but I think players like Rondo are necessary for the succes of team USA because of his unselfish play and it would be a joy to watch him dish out his passes in Turkey.

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