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  1. Kent Benson says:


  2. RoswellSounds says:

    Stay cool, kid... You are in a real team now. They´re gonna wait for you.

    You know, while I was hearing Bradley´s words, I got this picture in my head: Imagine, you overcome the injury, win a reserve spot, and then... The firs time you go out of the tunnel with the team. The Garden is exploding! And you see that all of your teammates begin to jump and chant. It gets contagious, right? Then, your captain starts the countdown:


    1 2 3 UBUNTU!!!!!

    Then you know for sure that you won´t witness anything like that again, specially bein the first time. I cannot even begin to imagine how that must feel, but I´m doing the chant right now. We must never,never forget that practice...

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