The Celtics are in the hunt for another wing off the bench and I'm beginning to feel like I'm in the midst of an Agatha Christie story with free agents disappearing one by one until none are left.... 

First word came that with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce wrapped up, the Celtics were turning their attentions to re-signing Tony Allen.  Tony had said that he wanted to be a Celtic for life.  Greg Dickerson said that Tony was as good as signed.  Then, the bombshell.  Tony was gone to the Grizzlies.  

Next up there was Mike Miller.   This one was a reach because he was likely way over the Celtics budget.  But stranger things have happened.  Marquis Daniels was way over the Celtics budget last season but he took less to join up with a contender and liked the Celtics organization.  Mike Miller got the best of both worlds when the Heat offered him big bucks to join them. 

Then, there was word that Boston was interested in Matt Barnes.  After a brief courtship, where the Celtics were said to be one of the top contenders for his services, he went with another of the Celtics' top rivals, the hated Fakers. 

Leandro Barbosa was another player on the Celtics wish list and almost as soon as the trade rumors for him surfaced, it was announced that he was on his way to Toronto for Hedo Turkoglu.

The Celtics were targeting Josh Howard and thought they could get something done to get him in green.  But he re-signed with the Wizards.  And Rasual Butler who was briefly a target for the Celtics re-signed with the Clippers.  

Just a couple of days ago, we read that the Celtics were in discussions with Eddie House for a possible return to the club.  Debates sprang up on forums discussing the merits of Eddie vs other guards available.  And before the threads could reach the second page for the most part, word came out today that Eddie House is signing a 2 year deal with the Heat.  Such a shame.  I liked Eddie too.  Now he will be ruined by being around the three AmEgos on the heat.

It seems as though all a free agent needs to do in order to get signed is to put it out there that he is in talks with the Celtics.  That seems to be the trigger for teams to come out of the woodwork to sign them.   The Celtics are still discussing Shaq, Delonte and Rudy as primary targets with rumors about Larry Hughes and Jarvis Hayes swirling as well.  I think Rudy would be a great fit and hope that Danny can get something done soon before he, too, is gone. 

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FLCeltsFan 7/29/2010 03:31:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Delonte goes to LA if the Cavs offer Shannon Brown a huge contract. Larry Hughes wouldn't be a bad fit. He's been known as a good defender throughout his career. If he can embrace the role of playing defense and hitting an occasional jumpshot I'm all for it. I'd love to get Fernandez but we'd probably have to give up Big Baby and that would be a bad move. Larry Hughes or Ime Udoka should be the question?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Nate is a better version of Eddie. He can knock down shots and get to the rack. Signing Eddie would be redundant. What we need is a bigger shooter. I'd consider Steve Novak who can shoot the lights out but he's not a good defender.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delonte is trouble. Danny won't make that same mistake twice.

  5. Sharone Wright says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Come on Danny! Gotta make a move here before it is too late!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nate IS NOT A BETTER VERSION OF EDDIE AT ALL THAT IS A STUPID COMMENT Eddie got a ring nate got us nothing... I want to see a house fire over streaky not so great nate any day

  8. RoswellSounds says:

    The idea of House coming back was one born on the verge of despair, specially after Nate & Marquis (??) signed their contracts. We saw the fading glimpses of oportunities that now are gone (J.Howard, A.Jefferson) and we knew that the market keeps moving 24/7. House´s trip to Miami is another unespected movement from future rivals, and a nice one.
    Now, the options are narrowed. Rudy? Battier? Maybe Ainge is floating around an ugly place. You know, the one where you take what is reachable NOW. No fancy moves or crossovers or wild experiments. Cannot wait ´till the damn All-Star game, right?

    So, no expectations or lab works. Maybe Ainge needs to sign a few players, and like I wrote before, the best choices are long gone...
    It´s a hard, long season in front of the C´s roster. Everyone is getting ready, sharping their disgusting claws. We need to get ready too...

    1-2-3 UBUNTU

  9. bballee says:

    What we needed were two backup (or better) swingmen and a backup center. Problem is to many fans have a caviar taste while the Celtics have single, lonely chip in their wallet (and they are lucky to have that--I don't think many are cognizant of just how fortunate (rare it is) to have a player holding off retiring [and giving up millions] in order to oblige the Green as he exits.)

    As for the players we have "missed out" on, there are some good reasons, mostly a mix of uninspired and too expensive:

    Tony--some corollary of "I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me as a member."
    M.Miller--"Can I be in the possse of the Miami Glitter?"
    Barnes--See I didn't take the most money (to play with the worst team), just the most money I could pry out of a contender--especially a contender where I can rub elbows with the Hollywood star(lets)
    Barbarosa--Turkoglu vs. salary relief
    J. Howard--actually grateful to have been extricated from the (self inflicted) hell in Dallas
    Butler--Terms not announced but I bet we find it was for more (maybe not much more) than the minimum
    House--there's a reason (probably several like poor backup point and flagging shooting percentage and too short to cover 2's) he was traded for Nate, one dimensional, could bring little to team beyond what is already available on roster

    All these are swing men and we just need one more (and have room for only one more) and he needs more size.

    So FL you are right the pool is emptying but then that was in the cards--we were going to be getting our man from those left after the money ran out. Or from Danny's magic.

  10. Anonymous says:

    danny you need to start thinking BIG here if the c's need someone big lets get a back-up for garnett like josh smith, al hortford people the got real talent. and i gottra addmit nate is faster than eddie house and can take the ball inside more than eddie don't worry about eddie he miss out he can go to bed, get rid off people you know they don't belong in your roster and you see how players are gonna come to you not you to them!!! and remember averybody is trying to get good people on their team and is because the CELTICS AND L.A are the best teams with all that said you know what to do we got the most championship remember their trying to get where we are!!!! BOSTON FOR LIFE

  11. Jenda says:

    I would read the comments but there is, like, ton of Anonymous comments.
    Cool article though. It's gonna be tough this season.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rudy and Godzilla for Bradley and Sheed.....of course we have to give up draft picks to get er done but we would be contenders for the near future.

    Fills the wing and gives us a better backup C capable of being a starter.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Like I've been dreaming for years and have said all along bring in Shaq...make this happen...and I also hope for the return of Delonte...Never wanted to see him go but maybe a return to where it began will like a rebirth for him. Obviously Rudy would be a nice fit..but don't see it happening if it does we'll take him.

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