After Glen Davis' timely Game 4 the other night, it got me thinking: which game was a better performance?  Glen Davis from the other night or Leon Powe's Game 2 in the 2008 series.

As you know we've compared Leon and Glen on this blog in the past, and this just raised further debate in my mind.  Here are their stat lines from their respective nights:

Game 2 in 2008 (Celtics 108- Flakers 102):
Leon Powe 14:39 (Min) 6-7 (Fg-Fga) 9-13 (Ft-Fta) 1 (ORB) 1 (DRB) 2 (TRB) 0 (Steals) 21 (pts)

Game 4 in 2010 (Celtics 96- Flakers 89)
Glen Davis 22:29 (Min) 7-10 (Fg-Fga) 4-4 (Ft-Fta) 4 (ORB) 1 (DRB) 5 (TRB) 2 (Steals) 18 (pts)
Looking back, it was incredible Leon had 21 points in less than 15 minutes.  But remember that was a huge Celtics lead for most of the game, before Lal made a furious late comeback.  The other night, the Celts trailed by 2 going into the 4th quarter in a series they already trailed 2-1.

So who had the better game and why, Davis or Powe?

tb727 6/12/2010 01:51:00 PM Edit
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  1. sonya says:

    only because this year celtics bench know they cannot rely on the starters, in 08 they let the big 3 do all the dirty work and pick up the slack, the bench was the bench but this year the bench is a real part of the team.

    the whole big 3 concept is blurry with rondo in the picture and perkins role on this team has also evolved. our bench is pretty good relative to others and they play with heart.

    big baby's game was bigger because this was a must win game for the celtics pretty much. and the starters weren't cutting it so i dont know...props to both him and kryptonate

  2. JR says:

    I voted for Baby, mainly because of his 4th quarter work in a close game. I felt the stakes were higher, Celtics down 2-1 versus in 2008 Celtics up 1-0. With that said, Powe's 21 points in 14 mins is a remarkable feat. If someone wanted to call it a tie, i wouldn't have objections.

  3. S1eepy says:

    I think it's easier to think big baby's performance was better because it happened so recently, but Leon powe was beastly in 08. I think what does it for me is that they both contributed in similar ways but Leon Powe did it without the size height-wise or body wise. I give credit to big baby for his immense effort, but I think Powe had the bigger heart. He just doesn't wear it on his sleeve like big baby does.

  4. tb727 says:

    Calling it a tie is pretty clever JR

    S1eepy I agree in that many will favor Davis because it happened this week.

    I gave Davis the nod only because one, had Boston lost that game they would've been down 3-1 and their season would have effectively been over. And secondly, because I think the 2010 Flakers are better than the 2008 bunch.

    Once the series is over however I may change my mind. If the Celtics don't win this series I probably revert to saying Powe's game was better because it helped Boston win the series.

  5. ThomasJ says:

    I give it to Davis because it was a close 4th quarter of essentially an elimination game against, like you said tb, a better team.

  6. Jenda says:

    I gave the nod to Davis because... OMG 4 OREBs? Are you even expecting me to compare these performances? lol

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