Gerald wrote a great post (They Damn Tried )about the outstanding effort the Celtics have showed throughout this postseason run. I couldn't agree more. Obviously it's always painful to lose to your bitter rival, especially when that rival has Kobe Bryant on it. However, it's hard to be disappointed with the way the Celtics battled through injuries and adversity all season.

Back in April I had all but given up on this team. I saw a team that was unmotivated and seemed content with their 2008 title. Then something changed in the Celtics. They started having fun again and playing as a team. The lock down defense they had become famous for was back. Rondo blossomed into one of the best point guards in the league. KG, who had been a shell of his old self for much of the season, helped them bring down the Cavs. Ray and his mom were clutch, and Pierce stepped up when it mattered the most. Even Rasheed turned it on with some great defense against the Magic and Lakers. For a sports fan, it doesn't get any better than watching the team you love play to its potential and be successful.

When the Celtics acquired KG and Ray in 2007 we essentially had a 3 year window to win a title. Though it would've been great to win multiple championships, that 2008 title was worth everything. The fact is we got to 2 Finals in 3 years and probably would've gotten to a third if KG hadn't been injured. I'll admit it's kind of sad to think that our window now might be closed, but there is a lot to be hopeful for as well.

We have the best young point guard in the league that is only going to get better. I think at the end of his career Rondo has a chance to be the best Celtics point guard ever (and that is quite a list). We have the best defensive center in the league in Perk. My heart goes out to that guy. You know he must have been dying last night not being able to get in the game. This guy has done all the dirty work for the Celtics all year. I think there should be a Kendrick Perkins day in Boston.  We also have one of the best coaches in the league in Doc Rivers.  There have been rumors that he might leave, but let's hope he stays because there really isn't a better coach for this team than Doc.

The playoffs also showed Glen Davis as a rising star in this league. He's proven that he has grown out of his Big Baby alias. Nate Robinson also was a pleasant surprise in these playoffs. He helped us win Game 6 vs. the Magic and Game 4 against the Lakers and helped Scal with the cheerleading duties on the bench.

I also want to make sure we don't play the "what if" game here.  What if Ray was hitting his shots? What if we had Perk? The fact is it didn't happen and we lost the game. You're going to drive yourself nuts thinking about what could've happened.

In closing, thank you Celtics for giving us a reason to cheer this season. I don't know what the future holds, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I also want to thank all the readers of CelticsLife for your comments this year. But most of all, thanks to JR for making this all happen. He puts a lot of time into this site and has given us writers a platform for our writing. I look forward to see what happens next with the Celtics and this site!

Karl Dillinger 6/18/2010 09:15:00 AM Edit
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  1. Great post Karl! Keeping my spirits alive for this time that feels like eternity. Thanks to JR as well for accommodating me at the last leg of the journey and still allowing me to have a voice in this site.

    The Celtic fans have sacrificed everything but belief and in the end, all of us together, with our team are definitely AMAZING.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well put, Karl. Honest, truthful, and respectful. A lot more than I can say about Lakers' fans.

  3. MLB says:

    I enjoyed this season so much and I look forward to following the Celtics and on to a great season next year!!!

  4. ric_man says:

    A very well written article.

    I look forward to cheering on the Celtics in their next campaign for their 18th NBA Championship.

  5. Nethra says:

    Nice post..It sums up what we all have in mind right now...Im an international student at UMass, n Im happy to have chosen this part of the country!!! Sure was a great ride!

  6. I pretty much knew that Celtics fans were an amazing bunch already but until I found this site and started to read comments it was definitely validation! I've seen so much class and SO many diehard fans who are still riding for our boys despite the loss and that's what I love to see. It doesn't get any better than that. So kudos to my fellow Celtics fans for keeping it classy unlike MOST Lakers fans (bandwagon and old lol).

    Through your posts, Gerald and Karl, you two have said exactly what we are ALL feeling. I'm definitely proud of the guys for even getting this far. Sure, it sucks that we couldn't get this one this year but I can only pray these guys know how much we still love them and how proud we are of them.

    P.S T~T I don't even want to think about trading. >_> I'd like Eddie back, though. Aside from that, I think this team is perfect and I absolutely LOVE how they're more like a family than any other team so yeah...it's gonna break my heart!

  7. Karl says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! Looking forward to a great season next year. Bleeding Green forever!

  8. RoswellSounds says:

    I will never,NEVER, forget this team, these playoffs, this Celtics group that fought against all odds and made thousands of different people all around the globe feel like they were sitting in that bench, in that locker room, with them.
    To say that the C´s were "inspiring" is to fall short. It´s been an unforgettable ride, and I can´t thank Doc´s team enough for letting us take part in the trip. Thanxs Ray Ray, for being the greatest shooter that has ever live. Thanxs KG, ´cause your heartbeats can be heard from another galaxy. Thanks PP, for your spirit & courage in the hottest moments. Rondo, the magic is back! Sheed, it´a pleasure just to see you in a court. Thank you Perks,Baby,Nate,Tony,Scal and all of you guys out there.

    From Buenos Aires, on a rainy afternoon... Just one word that we should never forget: UBUNTU! UBUNTU! UBUNTU! UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I luv my fellow Celtics fans. There are none other like them. We are true "Green" til the end. Great article, and cant wait to see what the 2010-2011 season brings. Doc Rivers has become my hero over the last 3 years and I love how he has molded this team together. Am really hoping he stays because I do agree....no one else can coach thes boyz like him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great article.Doc Rivers is a hero.Love my Celticssss

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