This is it Celtics fans. One game for the right to call our team world champions. An up and down regular season and an inspired and thrilling playoff run have led us to this. Tonight's game in LA will be the toughest game to win the Celtics have played since the Big 3 got here. I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but it's no secret the NBA wants there to be a Game 7. After watching how this series has been called(bad on both sides), I'm a little nervous. However, I think about this Boston team and know they have it in them.

We can't just have one or two guys step up. We need everyone. We need Rondo to play like an MVP. We need Ray to hit his threes. We need Pierce to hit big shots and Garnett to rebound. We need the bench to play like they did in Game 4 and we need Kobe to not have a 3rd quarter like he did in Game 5. We need to cut down on turnovers and block out the Lakers bigs. We need to get on the Lakers early and not let them have any hope of victory.

There is also Celtics immortality on the line. Sure, the core of the Celtics team has already won a title. However in Boston, legendary status requires at least 2. If Pierce, Garnett, Ray, and Rondo want to be immortalized in Celtics history they need to win this. Will it be a disappointing season if they lose? Maybe not disappointing, but certainly underachieving. We always knew this Celtics team had it in them and to fall short after coming so close would be heartbreaking. Not to mention having to watch the inevitable Kobe love fest on ESPN.

This isn't a must win game. The Celtics are more than capable of winning a Game 7 in L.A, but why chance it? The finish line is so close, the championship trophy right within grasp. Let's finish it off tonight and celebrate in the streets of Boston!

Karl Dillinger 6/15/2010 02:59:00 PM Edit
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  1. Will says:

    Fans of the Celtics,
    Close the series!
    Kill the Lakers!

    Karl, great post!
    Only one more thing to say-
    Be ready for a laugh! Just read
    Every first letter!

  2. Bailey says:

    Well said Karl. I think they can do it. I don't see the Lakers beating them, but the refs might.

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