• Perk sprained his knee with 5:30 left in the first quarter and did not return. Sheed replaced him.

  • Sheed's stat line: 0 pts 17 minutes 4 foul.

  • Artest scored 15.

  • Laker bench outscored Boston's: 25-13

  • Boston shot 33%

  • Lakers out-rebounded Celtics: 52-39

  • Lakers held largest lead of the series in this game.

  • Boston was held to the fewest points allowed in the playoffs.

  • This sucks.

  • Game 7.
  • Michael Saver 6/15/2010 11:42:00 PM Edit
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    1. sonya says:

      i miss perk .

      if perk is out we're done

    2. JR says:

      We're not done, but I miss Perk too. He's so valuable to us as our defensive anchor. So what if he's not great on offense? Pitchers can't hit well, but they're still key.

    3. sonya says:

      JR...didn't this game look familiar to you?

      the guys on the court only trust perkins to protect the paint...when hes not on the court with his defensive presence, we collapse on the help defense inside, leaving the perimeter and a man unguarded....

      (hint: perkins ejection in orlando series...this game brought me back to that. unpleasant memory)

    4. JR says:

      Yes Sonya. I mentioned that during the game that the two times we've been without Perk in games in the playoffs, we've proceeded to have gotten blown out. With that said, I still think we can do it, especially when you consider that Bynum isn't healthy either.If we lose maybe people will finally realize how valuable Perk is, but losing would suck to the nth degree. I'd rather see a Rondo triple double, Ray hot from the 3, a classic Pierce 7th game, KG outplaying Gasol, and Rasheed earning his contract with a huge effort.

      I wouldn't encourage you to bet money on the Celtics, but I wouldn't encourage you to on the Lakers either. Could very well be a classic.

    5. ThomasJ says:

      Can't replace Perk's toughness inside but this is Sheed's ultimate opportunity to go from TLC to hero.

    6. JR says:

      Agreed Thomas. A big game from 'Sheed in a victory on Thursday and he would be remembered as a hero and the sleepwalk regular season would be all forgiven. Go 'Sheed!

    7. Three Toe says:

      Forget Sheed, now is SCAL'S time to shine! WOOOOOO.

      Tough loss, but I choose to believe that this was a strategic move by Doc and the Celtics. Put in minimal effort in the game after the traveling, since they would be tired anyways, so they can start fresh AND DOMINATE THE TIRED LAKERS IN GAME 7 WHERE THE REFS WON'T BE TRYING TO EXTEND THE SERIES! BRILLIANT!

      as a disclaimer, I am not saying the refs gave game 6 to the Lakers in any way. It was a very legitimate win for them. I'm saying they would have tried, had the game been close :P

      As far as Perk is concerned, if we can convince Wallace to guard in the paint, not just slap at the ball as it goes by him like a blind kid playing tag, we should be OK without Perk Thursday.

    8. Jenda says:

      Strategic evil-mind genius 3 toe is.
      At least that's the way I think Yoda would put it.

    9. Anonymous says:

      I don't know guys. Yes, they won by 22, but didn't we all talk about how Fakers "points allowed" declined with each and every game? Celtics only allowed Fakers to score 89 points last night, so with all due respect to Kobe and friends and how the media describes the humiliation that the Celtics suffered, we had a pretty good D. We sure missed some offense, but we had a good D. Mind you offense WILL show up tomorrow night.

    10. sonya says:

      anonymous is so right...i mean thing is: our defense was okay but still not as good as it usually is, but that was lakers offense doing well, along with the bench.

      i don't have lakers bench doing that again, i don't think celtics starters are going to play the way they did yesterday and i hop sheed steps in and takes perks place...even if he doesn't wanna run all the way back on offense. hell, if he's hot, he can run till the 3 point line on offense and wait for an assist lol

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