Here you go TB and ThomasJ. Enjoy.
After the jump, Celtics previous history abusing Varejao's balls and more Rondo highlights from his Game 4 triple double.

JR 5/10/2010 02:37:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    FANTASTIC STUFF! Karl can you turn that into a gif for us?

  2. JR says:

    Did 'Sheed yell "Balls Don't Lie" after that play?

  3. Jenda says:

    Hahahaha! Talk about my dreams come true, I'm so proud of Rondo!

  4. Jenda says:

    And also I love it how "The punishment" is included in the highlights.

  5. Bailey says:

    Haha nicely done JR!

  6. Karl says:

    GIF doesn't work anymore unfortunately. I wish I could.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL, LOOK AT VAREJAO FLOPPING. it's almost like rondo was like oh hell no!

  8. tb727 says:

    Yeah its terrific how Varjeao is going into a flop and then actually has to react from something legitimate.

  9. jayms says:

    does varejao have no balls? he didnt react when ray elbowed them and here its like an unconcious reaction then hes ok right after
    very strange

  10. Notice there is not a even a little flinch from this Brazilian nuts. Especially that elbow from RayRay, makes you wonder what he has between his legs! That poodle hair makes it more of a suspect.

  11. Bohemian says:

    LOL! Mophead didn't suffer much after that hit, it's true... :P

    Rasheed was right, balls don't lie!! hahahahaah!

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