I'm not a Boston native, but I think having a mother from Brockton and going to school at Umass for 4 years gives me a little insight on the mind of a Boston fan. You would think after the greatest decade in New England sports history Bostonians would be more positive about their teams. Guess again. Even though the Celtics are up 3-1 against a team that starts Vince Carter, Celtics fans are panicking. What if this is a replay of the Bruins series from a week ago? What if it's like the '78 Red Sox, or 17 other Red Sox teams?

Reality check everyone. The Celtics lost in overtime because Paul Pierce tried to be a hero and Rajon Rondo had his worst game in about 3 months. Dwight Howard played out of his mind and Jameer Nelson hit a couple threes including one that banked in. Can they do this for 3 straight games? I highly doubt it.

Sure, the Magic have two out of the next 3 games(if necessary) on their home court, but does home court even matter with these teams? I'd argue the Celtics are better on the road than at home. Do you really think that if the Magic are fortunate enough to knock off Boston tonight they can win at the Garden in Game 6? It would be a collapse of epic proportions if they did somehow lose this series, but I really just can't fathom it.

You know when we can panic. When it's 3-3 going back to Orlando. Then everyone has every right to start getting nervous. Until then we are in good shape. What would you have said before the series started if the Celtics were up 3-1. You would be ecstatic right? However, because everyone just assumed we'd sweep the attitude changes. I said before the series that the Celtics would win in 6 and I hope I'm wrong. But even if they lose tonight let's remember that momentum is overrated. Each game is its own animal. If momentum was so great we would've lost Game 4 last series and won Monday's game. The better team over the course of the series usually wins and we are the better team. Let's all calm down Celtics nation!

Karl Dillinger 5/26/2010 01:06:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    AGREE!!! No panic here. Go Celtics, Beat Orlando!!

  2. JR says:

    The best thing about this column is if the Celtics win tonight you can say "See!" But if they lose someone can write a "Time to panic" column tomorrow. lol

    Funny pic.

  3. Lorilei says:

    I'm usually a silent reader. (I'm a Celtics fan living in Hawaii, btw.) But thanks for this. And I agree. No panic. Reading all these negative articles around on the internet is making me feel tired though, lol.

    Well, I'll be cheering from my living room in Hawaii today, that's for sure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Lorilei!!!

  5. Conquistador says:

    Some of my own negativity probably comes from watching the Cs throw away 14 double digit leads this season. It was really lame watching that happen.

    Despite what I just said, however, I agree with your article 100%.

  6. Bailey says:

    Love the picture. I think the loss is a blessing in disguise. Rather than cruise into the Finals, they refocus and don't get complacent.

  7. rondo-is-love says:

    Excellent article!

    Have you guys read this?


    Rashard Lewis has had a viral infection where he can't keep food down and takes "intravenous fluids" before every game for the whole series. How or why is this JUST now coming out?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yuck...someone really posted that information. Let's hope it is true and he stays sick. Sorry.

  9. ThomasJ says:

    Couldn't have said it better Karl!

    I also agree with Bailey - that loss had some complacency and overconfidence to it after 6 consecutive high quality wins. Back to work tonight.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think all the negativity from Boston fans is the fact that they have to survive the long, cold, everlasting winters...they can't wear shorts until June!

  11. Bohemian says:

    We will win tonight. For sure. I predicted Boston in 6 but I don't mind being slightly not right for once ;)

    We need Perk and Wallace to be as physical with Howard as in game 1, and to get more from Rondo

  12. Anonymous says:

    I know we will close it out tonight.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I'm panicking now.

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