Well the most bizarre rumor of the year in many years took an unsuspected twist today when former NBA star Calvin Murphy according to his sources claimed the Delonte West/Gloria James affair is true (oh and Delonte wasn't the only one). Now Calvin Murphy has his own checkered past, so take that into account. He claims that all Lebron's teammates were aware of the affair and Lebron was the last to know. It's really still so far fetched to me and despicable to think about, so I will limit my tasteless jokes to only 3 for now: Once a Celtic, always a Celtic. And we thought Rasheed was going to be our 6th man. I thought Delonte was a motherf#$%##$ for getting busted on a bike with three guns, but this I guess confirms it.

I still highly doubt this rumor for what its worth.

For the full Calvin Murphy interview Click here

JR 5/20/2010 02:41:00 PM Edit
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