After a solid first half where the Celtics lead by 5, the Jazz went onto score over 60 points in the second half, including a torrid 3rd quarter which did the C's in.  It was a well-balanced attack by Utah in that second half.
  • I don't like Wes Matthews.  Why might you ask?  Just because he's guilty by association and you may remember his father, Wes Matthews, who played for the enemy.  By the way had to find a reason to post the above picture.  Classic huh lol?  X-Man would've gotten half a season for that today.  Back then?  He may have been ejected from the game.
  • I wonder how you say "goon" in Greek.  However it's said, Kosta Koufos was likely called that a lot growing up.
  • Say what you want about Sheed, but every arena he visits he enters to a chorus of boos when he checks in the game and his name is announced.  He's developed quite the reputation around the league.

  • Glen Davis played with a bunch of energy again today, with 13 points and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes.  He took a vicious elbow from Millsap but was able to return.
  • Did CJ Miles get a lesson from Lamar Scrotum with wagging his tongue?  What a jackass.
  • I'm really not sure how Boozer didn't get a technical foul for hanging on the rim after blocking Ray's shot and dunking.  He swung on the rim longer than Nate Robinson did the other night and Nate legitimately had someone under him- no one was underneath Boozer.
  • Doc's theatrics at the end of this one were pretty amusing.  He mocked the refs, first pretending he was scared to get a technical.  Then after he got his first, he continued to mock them and started applauding.  That triggered his second one and he was ejected.  It was atypical behavior of Doc but really funny nonetheless.
As nice as it would've been to win this one (the Hawks lost tonight so they could've gained some ground), I give the Celtics a pass.  It was a tough road trip and they won the first 2 games including the very impressive win in Dallas.  Utah's a difficult place to play.  Hopefully the Celtics can get back on track this Wednesday somewhere they've been incredibly inconsistent, home, against a tough Denver team.

tb727 3/22/2010 11:44:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Okur is Rasheed... if Rasheed hit his 3's, got some rebounds, hustled, and kept his trap closed.

    (You said we could say what we wanted about 'Sheed)

  2. ThomasJ says:

    Okur's play should inspire Sheed. Mehmet moves like an Ent, yet is more productive. A glimpse of what the Chucker could be doing if he could knock down a few more. He is now officially last (124th) in the league in 3pt % and 39th in attempts.

  3. Three Toe says:

    If mehmet moves like an Ent, Sheed moves like mountain. Unless the ball bounces right to him, he stands around after missed shots and watches people try to rebound like he's expecting to jedi mind trick the ball over to himself. He'd be better served practicing his stretch-armstrong moves... his arms are almost as long.

    And yea, the refs this game managed to somehow infuriate both Celtics fans and Jazz fans in the same game. Either way though, I'm with you about the hanging call. Either make it a penalty and call it when it happens or eliminate it. To be honest, I wouldn't trust this group of inbreeds with the sharp end of a loaf of bread, so I certain don't trust them to make such judgement calls. Part of the technical foul rule focuses on unsportsmanlike conduct, just let it fall under that if it's really bad.

    Anyhow, the second half defensive collapse is apparently still a problem, though as you said, the Jazz is tough at home, they are a good team, and we were on a long road trip. Also they were shooting above their ability in the third.

    It was nice to see the sharp play in the first half too. When our front line is effective, we have a really hard time losing. We got some calls our way there, but in the end, that proved irrelevant.

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