Boston fans tend to think their teams are championship contenders after every win and need to be blown up after every loss. Coming off yesterday's pathetic 3rd quarter and loss, you're going to see plenty of calls for the Celtics to make a major move. The majority of the "Don't trade Ray" bloggers will suddenly be for moving him. The ironic thing is he isn't even the major culprit in terms of underperformance or lack of effort on this team. But right now we have three tradable assets on our team: Rondo, Perkins, and Ray's contract.

Newsflash: We're not going to get a star for Ray Allen's contract. As Marc Spears mentioned, if the Warriors would offer Monta to the Celtics for Ray, the Celtics would do that in a heartbeat. But there's no way the Warriors do that. NBA teams don't trade their young marquee players for expiring contracts.  It would have been like in 2006 if Danny had traded Paul Pierce for an expiring contract.  Same with Philly. They're not trading Iguodala in conference for an expiring contract. If they truly would settle for an expiring contract they could move Iggy to Phoenix or Houston for Amare or T-Mac on the spot. And the Kings aren't moving Kevin Martin unless they get another young solid player back (sorry not talking Glen Davis). His contract isn't ridiculous and up until his injury this Fall he was their marquee player.

These trade ideas that magically help out the Celtics aren't happening. It's not the 1970's and Red isn't our GM anymore. And before anyone mentions Chris Wallace trading Pau Gasol, he at least got back Marc Gasol and a couple first rounders. And if you didn't notice he was widely killed for that deal and ownerships aren't going to sign off on something like that again. And we must remember that owners have a say. The NBA is a business (Did you notice the refs no call on D12's 6th foul yesterday?)  You can't trade your mid 20's star for an expiring contract. You can't sell that to the fans. There is no way the Celtics could of sold trading Paul Pierce years ago for an expiring contract to the fans. 

So as exciting as it would be to add a dynamic guard like Monta, a younger prolific shooter like Martin, or a high flyer to run the wing with Rondo in Iggy, it's not happening. No one owes the Celtics a huge favor. We don't have the assets to trade. The Celtics can either stand pat or make a lesser move, but Monta Ellis is not walking through that door. Andre Iguodala is not walking through that door and Kevin Martin is not walking through that door. 

JR 2/08/2010 10:52:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    It's amazing how profound the evil emperor's comment was when he was here. No one would ever be talking about who is walking through the proverbial "door" if not for him lol.

  2. ThomasJ says:

    Nice reality check JR!

    I'm sticking with Ray for the distance unless that young star offer magically appears.

  3. Bohemian says:

    I believe a trade with Sacramento is possible. I ignore if they will trade Martin, but certainly Nocioni could be dealt. Same goes for Hinrich and the Bulls. Both would be potential targets that are quite logical and likely to happen

  4. tb727 says:

    FYI Martin's right hand in that picture should be chasing Willie Green in that other picture lmao...

  5. ACF says:

    I have a strange feeling that this team will surprise us come Spring. Let's keep the pieces.

  6. Bohemian says:

    I believe that some trade has to be made, big or small. The team needs fresh air (and legs). We need a PG and a SF. Hinrich and Posey / Nocioni would give this team a boost

  7. JR says:


  8. Bohemian says:

    Something will be done with the Kings, that's my impression

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