Did the refs forget and think this was a 1999 Knicks-Heat game?  Pau Gasol got away with murder all game and baited Rasheed Wallace into a technical foul at one point.  Then Whistlin Phil has the nerve to complain about there not being enough time on the clock for their last possession.

My take:
  • First off, George Lopez: Shut up and go sit down!
  • Celts bench was horrendous tonight.  I'm the biggest Sheed supporter out there but he flat out sucked offensively tonight shooting 2-11.  Daniels was ultra-unimpressive as well playing 13 minutes, getting no assists and not even taking a shot; it's like he wasn't even out there.
  • On a positive note it was a thing of beauty to see Ray Allen shoot the ball well.  He flourished  in the first 3 quarters of this game, utilizing his height advantage over Fisher.  Maybe he was at ease knowing he wasn't getting traded.  Here's hoping Ray resigns this summer for the MLE and segues into becoming the 6th man while ending his career in Boston (of course this doesn't solve the problem of not having a starter, but that's a discussion for the summer).

  • Celts outplayed the Flakers for the first 3 quarters but I knew they should've been up more.  And as quickly as you could say "Shut the fuck up and sit down George Lopez" the lead evaporated early in the 4th.
    • Btw seeing that stat of the Celtics leading the NBA with far and away the most blown double digit second half leads of 8 really just hurts.
  • Gotta admit love seeing Fisher fail at the end.  The cheapest, dirtiest player in the league by far deserves to have lost a lot more than he has in his career.

Celtics got the win tonight after a putrid 4th quarter, their first win over the Flakers since the 2008 Game 6 destruction.  But that doesn't solve the problem they would've lost without question tonight had Bean played.  Their offense is so tentative in tight situations, like they never won a title or ever played together.  It's remarkable how Rajon Rondo is an All Star and yet Doug Collins, when describing some of the Celtics' lack of success this year, attributes it to them playing 3 on 5 at times offensively because of Rondo and Perkins inability to have to be worried about.  I think there's a lot of truth to this statement.  When you're defending a team like Orlando and Cleveland or the Flakers, they have the ability to put a unit out there where each and every individual needs to be accounted for.  I feel as long as Perkins and even Rondo are in the mix, that won't ever be the case.  Unless Rondo can be counted on as a solid shooter.

I understand they got the win tonight.  But it really bothers me that it was such a struggle without Bryant playing.  Celts still have a ways to go to be back in the picture as far as I'm concerned.  Here's hoping tonight's a step in the right direction.

tb727 2/19/2010 01:56:00 AM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Thanks for stepping up with the recap tonight TB. Perk had a good game tonight, which was nice to see as he's struggled the past month.

    Ray was really on, which was great to see, but remember Derek Fisher was guarding him. I could score double figures against Fisher.

  2. tb727 says:

    Perk did have a very solid game tonight, you're right. My bad for not pointing it out. I get too hung up on non-basketball related things like George Lopez and Larry David in the stands...

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey Celtics wake up!!!i mean.. yeah you won against the Lakers. but your D is going down for this season and blowing up double digit leads... for the last two years you own the 3rd quarters and your "D" was unbeatable, you rebound the ball well and playing good basketball. but now you are collapsing. Fix that Celtics please. Win this season for us Celtics fans and show the Lakers who is the better franchise. hahahaha

  4. Karl says:

    thanks for doing the recap TB....beating L.A is always a great feeling

  5. Anonymous says:

    TB u crazy bastard! You totally lifted my line "Whistlen Phil" and pulled it off quite eloquently :) Maybe he's reading this and just getting those 4 fingers he was flashing out of his ass..(hehe)
    Good W for the c's..11 4th quarter points scares me

  6. Bohemian says:

    Well, here we are again. Let's focus on the facts:

    1. This team wants another title and ownership has decided to give them a chance. Let's root for them and get #18

    2. How sweet is to beat the Lakers, and in the Staples. This win is morally like 3 or 4 other wins together. I love when we beat the FLakers :)

    3. Let's see if Nate Robinson can play against the Blazers. We need some scoring off the bench

    4. I would like to know more about Marcus Landry. His role will be a Giddens+Walker altogether in one person. There is a nice article about him :


    5. I love the Boston Celtics :)

  7. Bohemian says:


    6. Let's keep an eye on the players that may be waived in the next days after all this deadline smoke clears. Players as Gooden or Bell maybe...if only good players such as Mike Miller were waived by tanking teams... we have 2 roster spots open (or even 3, if Landry is waived too)

  8. The Coach says:

    Interesting point about players being waived... grabbing Mike Miller would be a steal. Last night was a struggle but I'll take the win. Another game though that the Celtics could have and should have won by a dozen.

    Pierce is still trying to find that rhythm. Down the stretch last night I thought it was a little too much high pick and roll with Pierce and not enough team movement. Ray running the baseline and curling off the low screens which forces help and opens either lanes to the rim or pop jumpers for KG would have been welcomed (even though KG struggled with the jumper in the 4th quarter)

    Perkins played strong and nasty which is was needed.

    Rondo's left handed bounce pass to Ray on the break was awesome stuff.

    Lets get another one tonight.

  9. Three Toe says:

    Good recap TB, I like how you went right at Lopez first thing. Exactly what I would have done. This game was sooo important for this team and revealed a little bit about the Lakers that I hadn't realized.

    First off, all the credit in the world should go to Kendrick Perkins' 4th quarter post defense. Without it, we would have surely lost this one. What this showed about the lakers is if their opponent has one solid post defender, like Kendrickus Maximus, and no kobe to bail them out when they try a well-defended low-post trip, they will attempt a bad shot or turn the ball over. This is something that hopefully will be exploited when Kobe is injured or on the bench.

    Second, about Daniels, while it is true that his production was poor last night, he shared a lot of minutes with Ray during that streak of ridiculous shooting. The C's just kept funneling the ball to Allen at that point, so while there were times when Marquis could have been more productive (when Ray wasn't on the floor), those numbers also reflect a bit of wrong-place, wrong-time for Daniels.

    Third, in anticipation of Lakers fans going "We didn't have Kobe, wah wah wah, we would have won." I would ask them all to remember how they keep talking about how KG is done, Pierce is done, Allen is done, and then realize that you can't make injury excuses when you keep telling us that our best three players are all injured and past their primes.

    Fourth, I agree with The Coach about Pierce. While you can tell the team still has a ton of faith in Pierce, he still isn't moving like he used to, and they are getting too static without the ball, maybe expecting him to create something. When he pulled his famous up-fake to get Lamar in the air, drawing the foul, I was like, "oh yea! I forgot he used to do that all the time, he hasn't done it in what seems like forever." To me this shows that he is getting closer to 100%. His recent style of play has been very different from what we had been used to throughout the years, but it seems like he may be getting back to his strengths. Also, I certainly don't mind him taking every open three he sees, either.

    Fifth, Did anyone notice how much more Green there was under the rim after shots last night, specifically in the 4th quarter, where we had been seeing a complete void of rebounders for months?

    While we had stretches of poor offense at times, there were a lot of positives to take away from this one, not to mention what an exiting game it was to watch.

  10. tb727 says:

    That's an awesome recap yourself 3toe- want to take one of the days from us lol?

    Much-needed win last night- they couldn't lose that game. I'd be fine if they split the next two against Portland and Denver and would be very happy if they somehow won them both.

    Should be interesting next Tuesday vs the Knicks- sort of awkward they play 3 more times before the end of the season since that trade just happened...

  11. Lamar Scrotum says:

    You're lucky I don't get points for wagging my tongue, otherwise we would've won

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