All season long I have preached that when everyone gets healthy we will be okay. Well, that's over and done with now. The Celtics need to make moves or they will not win the title this year. It is as simple as that. First off, let's not do the whole when everyone is healthy thing anymore, because that will never happen. Does anyone really think KG will ever be totally healthy again? Marquis is an injury waiting to happen. Rasheed is old AND lazy and Pierce has a million miles on him and can't be expected to bring it every night anymore. The window is closing fast, but not all is lost. The Celtics just need to get off their hands and do something.

Being from Washington D.C, I've seen the Wizards play a lot and trust me Caron Butler or Jamison would be an upgrade over Ray Allen. Don't get me wrong, I love Ray. He is one of my favorite players in the NBA and the consummate professional. But the fact is he can't defend anyone on the perimeter anymore and his offense has gone downhill. He's a role player now, and for the Celtics to win they need a legit number 2 scorer to help out Pierce and KG.

They also need someone who can defend. Jamison was my favorite college player back when he played for the Tarheels, and is great offensively. However he is not much better than Ray on the defensive end. Caron would be a better fit for the Celtics in my opinion, but I'd take either. If the Cavs get Jamison it will be a huge blow to the Celtics title chances.

Okay, so here is something I thought I'd never say. Scalabrine needs to go. Yes, we need to trade Scal, JR Giddens, and Big Baby for a swing man or a back up PG or both. Scalabrine is a fan favorite(and has the best hair in the NBA) but can't rebound and defend on the perimeter. JR Giddens is worthless and the Celtics should be ashamed of themselves for picking him over Chalmers a couple years ago. Big Baby has dropped off dramatically since last year. I think the reality is Big Baby is one of those players that need to start to be effective. Also, trade a draft pick if need be. This team is built to win now; we can worry about draft picks in a couple years.

Look, the whole logistics of contracts and all that is not my thing. All I know is if you can get Caron or Jamison you do it by any means necessary. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But at least the Celtics will have a shot.

Karl Dillinger 1/19/2010 04:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Karl I think your "red hair" reference to post ratio is about 0.9 to 1.0 lol.

    I think Jamison is the better player but I think Butler is the better fit for the Celts.

  2. Karl Dillinger says:

    Again, unless you're a red head you just wouldn't understand.

    Ya, I agree on the Jamison/Butler thing. Either one would be good. Probably won't happen though.

  3. tb727 says:

    This red-hair thing is esoteric lol...

  4. Bohemian says:

    TB, agreed. I prefer Jamison, but we need Butler more.

    Karl, really good article. We really need a trade

  5. JR says:

    Karl, See: http://www.celticslife.com/2010/01/celtics-need-one-more-bullet.html ;)

  6. Karl Dillinger says:

    Ya I know this has been written about before. I just didn't think it was needed till last night. Sorry to steal your thunder!

  7. JR says:

    You thunder thief!!! j/k. For some reason I feel ok about the Celtics today.i think it has to do with KG's imminent return. Just having him on the court makes everyone play defense better. From what I've been hearing these past couple days, the C's won't be in the mix for Butler or Jamison or any big salary guy like Kevin Martin, Hinrich, Posey, Nocioni etc, so let's hope we get healthy and stay healthy... or Wyc sells to a multi billionaire.

  8. Drucci says:

    Ray Allen a role player? You lost all credibility after that statement to me.

  9. Karl Dillinger says:

    He's certainly not a star anymore. He's a very good role player. Role player has a broad definition and doesn't just mean a Steve Kerr type. I hope he turns into a star again though!

  10. Drucci says:

    I think people tend to blame Ray really easily and this is something that bothers me. Since his first year in Boston he is always the one that gets blamed for every loss.

    He was absolute garbage against Cleveland in the 2008 playoffs but he made a big redemption by getting hot for the Pistons and the Lakers. We would never have won without him and I think he deserved Finals MVP.

    Aside from that, back to the present, his % from three has dropped from last year but people forget that he was having a career season last year, the most efficient one of his entire career! It's hard to match with such numbers, especially when you're one year older and 34.

    Plus, Ray shoots less threes this season and goes a lot to his midrange game, which is a good thing for us. He is still shooting with a lot of efficiency from the field and making smart plays.

    Sure, he has lost a step defensively but he is not that bad. He can't defend for 48 minutes on a star like Wade or Joe Johnson, but that's where Marquis' absence hurts.

    However, although I think we will finally get healthy for the playoffs, I do agree that our bench needs an upgrade. Let's take a bad contract for our expirings, it will be hard to swallow for the upcoming years but we need a guard or forward scorer and good defender from the bench.

  11. Drucci says:

    Ah, and I forgot to mention that Ray's mere presence creates a lot of space for his teammates offensively.

    Plus, he is one of the clutchest player in the league and it's really BIG. You can't overlook that. He saved our butts many times in the last two seasons and missing him overall, but especially in money time, would kill us, this is obvious.

  12. JR says:

    Yeah, Ray used to be a 25/5/4 guy and now is a 16/3/3 player. Obviously as one gets older they can't defend the same either, so while Ray Allen is still a quality starter, he's not an all star anymore.

  13. Marylou says:

    I feel alot better about the Celtics after watching KG talk after practice today too. I think they'll do just fine.

  14. Karl Dillinger says:

    Love Ray! Being a role player isn't a bad thing. If anything it's good because he isn't trying to do too much. I agree he is our most clutch player and I hope we keep him!

  15. Jenda says:

    I'd miss Ray as hell! As a fan I need him to stay Celtic.

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