The other day I got to think about what NBA players I would be most intimidated of if I saw them at a bar. I realized that at least in terms of teammates, it would have to be Perk, Rasheed, and KG.  Look, I'm sure all these guys are nice upstanding individuals off the court, but admit it, you'd be intimidated as hell if they sat next to you at a bar. 

I've only seen Perk smile in a wedding photo and I'm still convinced it was either a body double or the picture was Photoshopped.  Rasheed is scary because of his unpredictable temper.  The guy could go off at any second.  I think it really is true that it isn't how big or strong you are, but how crazy.  Speaking of crazy, KG is practically schizophrenic on the court, which I love by the way.  However, if he was anything like this off the court I wouldn't want to be around him after a loss.

Together these three are definitely people you want to keep on your good side.  They are all big, tough, and have tempers.  While I'd be intimidated by them, I'm sure glad they are on my team. I'd put my money on this Celtics trio against anyone else in a brawl any day of the week. How many seconds would it take for Perk to drop Bynum in a fight? My guess would be about 2.7 seconds.

Who do you think would be most intimidating/scary if you met them in person?

Karl Dillinger 12/31/2009 03:05:00 PM Edit
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  1. ThomasJ says:

    Nice picture. I don't think the smiling Perk picture I found was photoshopped (at least not
    by me).

    Even scarier than those three would be if TA was there with a gun. Out of control shooting with his aim.

  2. tb727 says:

    Who do you think would be most intimidating/scary if you met them in person?

    Mike Tyson

  3. ya if we could pick from anyone in any sport it would definitely have to be Mike Tyson.

  4. Bohemian says:

    The scariest would be KG I think. They are all frightening. The other 2 bigs: Shelden and Baby are different :P

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