I am so glad we signed Rajon Rondo yesterday. Point guards are extremely hard to find, and if you can find a proven, championship winning point guard in his prime, you have to snatch him up quick. The fact is, there are only 3 or 4 better point guards in the league, if that. His detractors say he is fortunate to be on a great team, which he is. Or that he doesn't have a solid jump shot, which he doesn’t. But remember, Magic Johnson was the same way.
I've always hated the argument people make about players being good because of the team they're on. That is why it is a team sport. You can't win by yourself, just ask Lebron last year. This especially holds true for point guards, whose job is to distribute. Of course Rondo wouldn't be the same player on the Knicks, but neither would Derrick Rose or Chris Paul.

All great point guards possess certain intangibles that separate them from the rest of the pack. Rondo has a skill set unique to anyone in the league. He is the best rebounding point guard in the league. He is one of the best defensive point guards in the league. Plus, he has the single most unique move in the league with his patented wrap around the back move.
Chris Paul is the best point guard in the league, but Rondo is a far superior defender. That is what people always forget. Remember that defense is just as important as offense, especially when it comes to point guards. If you can stop the other team’s floor leader you disrupt their entire offense.

Some people are saying the Celtics overpaid for Rondo. I will say that five years $55 million is a good chunk of change, but if they didn't pay it, someone else would have. Even with the economy the way it is, Rondo's blend of talents and playoff experience would have been enough for a team to give him at least that amount. Now that he is signed he has peace of mind, and will be even more effective the rest of the season. I think this will also help his attitude after all the drama from last off-season.

Besides Steve Nash, there is no point guard in the league I like watching more than Rondo. His defense and rebounding are unparalleled amongst point guards in the league. The great thing is he has room for improvement. He continues to develop his mid range game and has cut down on turnovers. Rondo has also shown an improved leadership on the court. Remember he is still a young guy, and with maturity his attitude will improve. Rajon Rondo has the makings to be one of the greatest guards in Celtics history.

Karl Dillinger 11/03/2009 02:52:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    I do wish he could improve his shot. I have a feeling it's going to be like Jason Kidd, his entire career. But I guess he's effective in other ways and impacts the games in other ways. I'm pleased with the signing.

  2. Marylou says:
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  3. JR says:

    I think the C's could of gotten Rondo for 5 to 10 million cheaper if they tried to sign him in June, but you just had to sign him. Like Tommy said, he's the best we've had since Cousy. He makes the offense go and if I could choose between a point guard who's hesitant to shoot jumpers b/c of a shaky shot or a gunner for a point guard, I'd take the former. People can talk about how the C's veterans make Rondo look better, but Rondo makes them look better too. If they run the court, Rondo will find them.

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