The All-Star will have arthroscopic surgery Wednesday on torn cartilage in his left knee, the team said. He is expected to miss four to six weeks.

Jason Williams will move into the starting line-up and Anthony Johnson will now become the back-up. Maybe the C's can trade the Magic Tyronne Lue. Ha. This news is troubling for Magic fans because it's the second straight season Nelson has gone down with a knee injury. Williams has looked good as a back-up, but going from 20 mpg to more like 35 now is a totally different ball game. We'll see how the Magic respond.

Other NBA News:

Raja Bell is now going to have the wrist surgery he was putting off. He had the famous line where he said it doesn't bother him when he shoots, just when he passes. Guess it now bothers him when he shoots too... or he doesn't want to be around the circus that is the Golden State Warriors.

The forever rumored Andres Nocioni to Boston trade is again getting some buzz. The C's would be giving up Scal, Tony, and Giddens's expiring contracts. The reason the trade is getting shot down by the C's is that they don't want to pay Nocioni 13.5 million over the next two years. It was first reported as 3 yrs/21 million, but the last year is a team option, so the contract is more favorable for the team. I say if you're going to go for it then go for it and finally give us a legitimate backup 3/4. It's not my money though. If the trade somehow came to fruition, my guess is the Glen Davis would be moved to lessen the financial burden for Wyc. This would make the trade less favorable to me, but I do think if Nocioni ended up in Boston fans would love him. He's a younger, tougher Posey. Again not my money, but if the C's come up short this Spring (and it's not do to a KG injury), I think that passing on this deal will be a reason.

And since a day can't go by without Lebron saying a cocky thing, here's today's tidbit via the AP
"If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good," the Cavaliers superstar said before facing the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. "No matter what team I was on."
What if Nas owned a team? Would Lebron play for him?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The C's need a legitimate back up point more than an average forward who doesn't offer anything new

  2. Anonymous says:

    I must add my first reaction to all the Nocioni talk was the need to add a white face, but since Scal would be going I really don't get it. Neither House or Daniels are suited for handling point against pressure.

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