Things have gone from bad to worse in Washington after Gilbert Arenas pointed the finger at Caron Butler for the team's struggles.
Arenas said on Saturday that many of the team's players have "hidden agendas."
The star guard continued his critical comments on Monday, singling out Butler.
"For the most part, we all get along," Arenas said. "There are, what, 15 players on the team? Fourteen do. ... At the end of the day, if 15 players don't want to go and it's only 14, you've seen 'Remember the Titans.' It's the same thing. We've just got to play."
When asked who was responsible for ending the in-fighting, Arenas said, "Me and Antawn [Jamison]. That's our jobs [as captains]."
He conveniently left Butler, the third co-captain, out.

 That was yesterday. Today they supposedly talked things over and are cool again, but if Washington isn't happy with Caron Butler, please send him our way. Why does it seem that no matter how well Arenas plays his teams are almost always big time losers? He makes Stephon Marbury look like a winning ingredient in comparison. 

JR 11/24/2009 03:03:00 PM Edit
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