I was flooded with emotions for this one:
  • First off thanks Paul Pierce for showing up.  Without him, the C's get smoked in this one.
  • KG, Ray Allen and Wallace all looked awful offensively.  I'm still holding out hope this is just a slump and has nothing to do with age.
  • Not too upset with the minutes of the bench in this one since they didn't play as well as they have in some other games.  Still Marquis only 15 minutes in an overtime game?
  • Nate Robinson and Al Harrington are such arrogant players.  For two guys who haven't done a whole lot in their NBA careers they sure are obnoxious.  And did everyone see Nate Robinson yesterday against the Nets?  What a clown.

  • I had the game on MSG so I had Mike Breen and Walt Frazier.  Frazier made the observation that Rondo is shooting his foul shots with the ball on the palm of his hand.  They even did a close-up of Rajon's hands during the shot and he seemed to have a point.  Obviously as a basketball player I always knew to shoot the ball with your fingertips- the ball should never be on the palm of the hand when shooting.
  • I'm not one to usually complain about the refereeing since I feel the calls even themselves out but this one seemed horrendously officiated.  The Curry and Wallace fouling was crazy.  Wallace got the short end of that, getting called for the foul and a technical even though his jersey was visibly grabbed by Curry.  The trip of Wilson Chandler at the end by Garnett, which Clyde Frazier vehemently proclaimed was intentional, should not have been made up on the very next call with an offensive foul on Ray Allen.  Just brutal.
  • The last shot of the 4th quarter with Rondo just dribbling the ball and not even getting the shot off in time (they showed the replay, it was after the buzzer) was really pathetic.  It reminded me of one of those games vs the Hawks in Atlanta in the first round in 2008.  How is that even a play?  Why is the ball even in Rondo's hands at that point?
    • I'm surpised D'Antoni didn't resort to hack-a-Rondo at times.  I was also surprised he kept Nate Robinson on the bench in favor of Chris Duhon, considering how hot Robinson was.
  • With all that said, the last KG basket was terrific.  First off I'm thrilled with the fact that Doc inserted Wallace and House- it's a great move just because no matter how much Rondo and Perkins have improved neither of them are shooters (see end of the 4th quarter).  I love buzzer beaters on the road that silence fans.  The ones that happen against the Knicks are always special for me.  Kevin's "sayonara" after the made basket to Spike Lee was perfect too- not too over-the-top, a nice celebration for a regular season game that shouldn't have been that tough.
Kudos to Perk too for being solid in this one.  However with the ineptitude of Wallace & Allen, with KG limping near the end of the game along with the fact that it took overtime to beat this hapless Knicks team, this win still leaves me rather discouraged on this Sunday afternoon.

tb727 11/22/2009 04:40:00 PM Edit
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  1. Just a few thoughts. Perk was great today. Very solid. I love Perk. Pierce carried the team on his back. Sheed's shooting is killing the team. KG still not right. Ray Allen struggling. We need a back up PG. Quisy should be backing up PP and not Rondo. Pierce shouldn't be playing back up PG. Rondo's offensive struggles are a liability, especially in late game situations.

  2. JR says:

    We do need a back-up pg. I wish they has signed Jason Williams or someone in the offseason. I've beaten the 'Sheed thing to death, so I won't say anything today. I was scared KG hurt his knee on the failed alley-oop inbounds pass from Pierce. But truth be told, if a 6 ft 12 long armed player can't dunk that pass his knee is obviously not close to 100%. Perk continues to impress. A little less arguing with the refs please though. We don't need a suspension later in the yr.

    TB your right on the money on Marquis. They keep talking about how great he is, but won't play him.

  3. tb727 says:

    Yeah Marquis has been very, very solid but he gets no playing time. And whenever he does it's so choppy. It's great how consistent he's been in the limited minutes since it's pretty tough to get any kind of rhythm...

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