The Celtics were challenged tonight by the Hornets.  Get this folks, the Celtics are actually going to lose some games this year.  But tonight wasn't one of them.  Despite Stojakovic showing flashes of his game in Sacramento and the Hornets hitting 13 3s at a 46% clip, the Celts prevailed.

A few things to note on this one.  My gripe with the minutes continues.  Rondo with 36 and Perk with 35 is fine.  But can't Rasheed (18 minutes) and Marquis (19 minutes) get some more burn?  Pierce played 37, Allen 41 and KG 33.  I hope this doesn't continue to be an issue all year long and Doc has acknowledged that he really has to manage the minutes better.  Doc you have legit starters on your bench who should be getting 20+ minutes a night.  He needs to leave them out there longer.  I really feel the minutes for Daniels were so choppy he never could get a rhythm tonight.

Nice seeing Sheed take a few 2 pointers.  Also nice seeing KG hit a couple of big shots at the 5 and 4 minute mark of the 4th.  And give credit to the Hornets who actually do have some talent.  Paul really is a difference maker.  And I won't go Mike Breen on anyone and begin talking about James Posey lol.

Overall a sloppy game which Mike and Tommy even alluded to, saying the game had no pulse.  A lot of games coming up this week, 2 back to backs.  All 4 games however should be won.

tb727 11/01/2009 08:35:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Good call on the minutes situation. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Save more of the Big 3 and get Daniels minutes (for rhythm) and 'Sheed minutes (to get in shape).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the game was sloppy and slow paced which was beneficial to keeping the Hornets in the game.

    I do disagree about your asessment about Rasheed staying out at the perimeter. The Celts are stacked and this allows him not to be "competing" with any other players, like Kendrick Perkins. It also makes the Celtics really hard to beat. They can pass the ball along the perimeter and find many a three point shooting threat. Who do you gaurd then?

  3. tb727 says:

    I see what you're saying. But the number of 3 pointers the team has been taking is a bit high in my opinion. 2 pointers are easier shots, and you shoot them at a higher percentage. Rasheed should shoot the 3 when it's there but he's got a nice post game, arguably better than KG- he should utilize that too.

    Remember 3 pointers are fool's gold sometimes, just ask Jim O'Brien.

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