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  1. Bohemian says:

    Tony was awful last night. It´s true that he´s coming back from injury but he just looked as lost and erratic as usually. I wonder what to do with Tony. I think we are keeping him for potential trades, but is anyone really willing to be interested?? DA tried in vain for a month to deal him anywhere and he couldn't.

    Maybe we could waive him??

  2. The Coach says:

    It is a shame that Tony Allen has not been able to stay healthy and put it together. The guy has so much ability.

    Some of those dunks are just nasty, some of the best in game dunks from a guy that size we have seen in a long time, he is only 6'4".

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have to keep Tony Allen for his contract. With the mother of all offseasons approaching, you have to expect a blizzard of trades this year.

    The Celtics can easily pick up a late first-round pick by playing the extra man in a three-way trade. At some point, two teams will need the Celtics to toss in Allen's deal to smooth over salary differences.

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