Head's up: The Enemy's practice live stream starting at 1PM EST

Fakers Practice Stream

JR 10/01/2009 12:57:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Reggie Miller talking about the Lakers challenging the Bulls 72 win record and starting out 21-1

  2. JR says:

    Just like their fans, seems like many of the players are late to practice

  3. This is like a Lakers infomercial

  4. JR says:

    What a Phil Jackson move, knowing the stream is supposed to start at 1:00, so he calls a closed door meeting. It's now 1:30 and we're getting to watch Kobe stretch. lol

  5. Derek Fisher is 40 years old

  6. tb727 says:

    Did he just say if Kobe needs a blow?

  7. tb727 says:

    I wish Jay Bilas was announcing this. He'd talk a lot about players wingspans

  8. Is it Farmar or Farmer?

  9. tb727 says:

    I think its safe to say DJ Mbenga has NOTHING between his ears

  10. tb727 says:

    Anyone else finding Rick Kamla annoying?

  11. JR says:

    It's Jordan "out of the league in 3 years" Farmar

  12. tb727 says:

    Can't wait for Perk and Sheed to get their mitts on Softie

  13. Have to get back to work. Watching Gasol skip around has been entertaining

  14. tb727 says:

    "talented bench"? Reggie this is the Lakers practicing not the Celts

  15. tb727 says:

    Shannon Brown blows

  16. tb727 says:

    And he's gotta stay out of the Playboy Mansion

  17. tb727 says:

    Does Mbenga even know that dribbling is a part of basketball?

  18. JR says:

    Over/under when Bynum gets injured. 2:25 today?

  19. tb727 says:

    I think Rick Kamla should ask for a signed knee brace from Andrew Bynum

  20. tb727 says:

    they should have a mic on Lamar Odom's brain. it'd go something like this "i got my contract so who cares anymore"

  21. JR says:

    Wow they're doing the same drills that my HS and middle school players do... but Odom looks worse imo

  22. JR says:

    Has Kupchack thanked Chris Wallace yet?

  23. JR says:

    translation: "Phil has experience coaching crazies."

  24. tb727 says:

    Was that Chucky Brown as an assistant coach?

  25. tb727 says:

    i forgot how much i hate the color purple

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is that Mikki Moore?

  27. KGtime says:

    NBA2K looks awesome

  28. tb727 says:

    I won't buy 2K strictly because of the cover, funny huh?

  29. KGtime says:

    El Segundo? Tribe called Quest song

  30. JR says:

    yeah. It's right by LAX. Stayed in a hotel there once. Left my wallet come to think of it. Cleamons has gotten old. Odom looks out of shape.

  31. tb727 says:

    Brian Shaw is the enemy

  32. tb727 says:

    Whistling Phil also looks out of shape- that paunch is huge lol

  33. tb727 says:

    Jim Cleamons looks about 200

  34. JR says:

    Seriously I wouldn't be surprised that now that Odom has the contract he starts looking like Antoine

  35. tb727 says:

    I take that back- Jerry Buss looks about 200.

    He's the scum of the earth

  36. tb727 says:

    Is it ok that I can't bear watching this anymore lol??

  37. JR says:

    lol it's cool. Didn't expect to get too many viewers of a Lakers practice on a Celtics site. Since I coach basketball it's actually interesting to me, but seriously the "Lakers are awesome. All the guys are amazing human beings" is getting a little repetitive

  38. KGtime says:

    would have been cool if reggie Miller had been a Celtic that year.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Less talking more practice would be better

  40. KGtime says:

    Can't wait to beat the Lakers again

  41. JR says:

    Please don't say Kobe and Larry in the same sentence.

  42. Miss anything? Whens the Celtics practice? I'll check that out.

  43. JR says:

    You've missed absolutely nothing. Except Reggie saying the Lakers will challenge 72 wins again. Celtics are on Saturday. 6 I think.

  44. Anonymous says:

    There not very good

  45. KGtime says:

    Lakers Practice: Where missed dunks happen

  46. KGtime says:

    17 of first 21 games at home. Is that fair?

  47. KGtime says:

    Lakers are like ketchup?

  48. KGtime says:

    Odom does look out of shape

  49. Anonymous says:

    Kobe has no friends

  50. Anonymous says:

    Still don't like Kobe

  51. JR says:

    I'm looking forward to the Celtics practice on Saturday

  52. KGtime says:

    Yeah. I'm out of here. See you Saturday.

  53. JR says:

    I must admit Pau Gasol sounds like a good guy. Too bad he has to be a Laker. Poor Bohemian.

  54. Anonymous says:

    that was cool actually. Even though it was the Lakers.

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