Cup of coffee in the dark, hard sofa welcoming you in the middle of the room, laptop or tv set with cable on...and a big wide yawn that soon will expire. The lights are fast moving and your eyes take little time to react to the vision of a new game. The same competitive effort and will that Celtics Ubuntu bring to the table is what drives a diehard Celtic fan in Europe to sit at that time of the morning to see your favourite team on earth.

Kevin Garnett´s scream to the crowd is a wake up call to the pride of fans that live across the ocean and want to enjoy the magic of the NBA game live. Paul Pierce looks focused on the horizon and it seems as if he was looking at the fan eye to eye, making him focus too on the task of defeating yet another team among the hords of squads willing to step on the Shamrock legacy. And yet, all those teams with more or less glamour will consecutively fail once and again in their goals.

The first quarter has already started and your Celtics are rolling. Rajon Rondo has already 4 points and 3 assists while your coffee has barely entered your system. Ray looks smooth and classy has his first 2 three pointers of the game are already on the score. The Rockets call time out, and the Celtics lead by 10.

By halftime the score has become meaningless. You know that the Green will win again, and you say to yourself that it would be better to go back to bed. You know you will be very tired in the morning, that your boss may question your lack of commitment to your job, and that your mood will be irregularly consistent during the next hours...but even though you are fully aware of the circumstances of the near future, you don´t move from the sofa. Maybe, just maybe, you will go to the fridge in the quest of some drink or snack to keep you entertained while the commercials are on. But nothing is more quenching than the savour of Celtics wins. You are up to savour the win, the passion of the game, the tradition and the pride to know that your team represents the good values of sport: teamwork, passion for sport, and love of the game.

The fourth quarter is on its way, and you wonder on the minutes of Giddens, Shelden Williams or another bench player that you want to watch. Until the last second, you keep tasting the success and pride of another Celtic win until the screen shows the final score: The Celtics win.

You finally leave the room and realise that the sun is rising, your muscles are sore, and your eyes are red. As you get back in bed, you realise your heart is beating hard. Your eyes are closed but you still revisit the game, the KG dunk, the Rajon pass, the Pierce free throw. It´s hard to sleep when the game is still on in you.

Until the next game, until the next win

Bohemian 10/07/2009 02:05:00 PM Edit
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  1. Three Toe says:

    I feel bad, what time does the game start over there? I used to live in New York City and the Celtics were rarely on TV and I thought I had it bad...

  2. JR says:

    Great first piece Bohemian! looking forward to Giddens getting some burn in the 4th while we're up by 25.

    Three Toe,
    Did you ever have all your toes? Was ttheir a dunking injury like Gerald or were you born with only three?

  3. Three Toe says:

    Actually I was wearing steal-toed boots when a taxi ran my foot over in manhattan and guillotined a couple of them off.


    It's cause I'm the three-toed sloth in my picture/profile

  4. ACF says:


    Great read. I look forward to reading more of your stuff as the season and the quest for Banner 18, of course, unfold.

    Go Celtics!

  5. Three Toe says:

    How do you do the "read more after the jump" thing in the post? Some of my posts get long, that would be useful to me.

  6. JR says:

    Stay away from the "read more" thing. Stay far away. When people do it, often our right sidebar disappears like a Laker in a playoff game. I manually go in and try to add page jumps, but if its not working after like 348 hrs of trying I give up. So if your articles stay long without a jump, don't sweat it. And don't make them shorter. We got plenty of short articles. lol.

  7. Three Toe says:

    Wait, so you're saying google's blogging service has bugs?!?!?! LIES AND DECEIT!

  8. Bohemian says:

    Thanks for the nice comments! :)

    Game is at 2:30 am here! ;) I am so nervous!! Go C's, go!

  9. mberry79 says:

    I know exactly where your coming from, being an English Celtic fan I have to stay up late to weatch games. Luckily I can record games if there being shown on TV but if not then I have to watch live on internet. Well worth it though, for so many years we did not have a deidicated show on terrestrial tv (we dont have the luxury of so many different channels as well)now we do which shows a live game once a week and when play offs come they show more. Technology allows me to be the Celtic fan i've always been, I did get a few looks at work for how tired I was in 08 finals period but hey, you wait 22 years for a banner, whats a few bags under the eye's in comparison.

  10. thanos says:

    Celtics fans overseas united !! Your potential jumb balls are from 7:00 to 10:30 which is 2:00 to 5:30 in Greece... BUT I DONT FREAKING CARE!!!!!!! The CELTICS are BETTER than ANY DREAM ! ! !

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