Oh yeah Tony practiced too. Calling it right here first: KG is going to
become a 3pt threat this year (like Kevin McHale became later in his
career). You heard it here first!

JR 9/30/2009 05:59:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Good KG-McHale comparison, wouldnt mind seeing that

  2. thirstyboots18 says:

    Kevin did hit a couple threes late in his career, but I wouldn't exactly call him a 3pt threat...Does anyone know how many he hoisted, and how many he made? Kevin's bread and butter were under the basket. He was absolutely the best at creating space for himself in close.

  3. thirstyboots18 says:

    I meant Kevin McHale, lol. And I hope KG does not stand outside the line and hoist threes....

  4. JR says:

    Yeah just looked it up. McHale wasn't gunning them up, but did hit 38/106 during the 90 and 91 seasons (36%). Doc's mentioned before that KG has 3 pt range, but that he doesn't shoot them for some reason. He'll shoot a foot from the line, but not 3's. KG is weird like that (Didn't he want to be listed as 6'12"?) My belief is that with Sheed launching 3's KG, will as well, but much less. don't be surprised to see KG hit like 20 or so. But I agree completely that I'd rather have KG on the block then behind the 3 pt line. But if he's going to be out by the 3 pt line, might as well shoot from just behind the arc sometimes then just in front (if of course he's as good a shooter from there as people who watch him in practice say). To be honest, I just want to see KG on the court. I'd be satisfied with that. lol.

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