The New York Times:
N.B.A. referees unanimously rejected the latest contract offer from the league on Wednesday, during a seven-hour meeting at a Chicago hotel. But they have not given up on making a deal to avert a lockout. After voting by 57 to 0 to reject the N.B.A.’s latest offer, the referees agreed to stay indefinitely at the hotel until a new contract was done. Lamell McMorris, the chief negotiator for the referees union, called it “a lock-in.”

Avoiding a lockout is very good. Avoiding Lebron's travels and fouls? Not so good. Here's hoping the league and the refs union can come to a deal.

JR 9/17/2009 05:47:00 AM Edit
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  1. Forbes had an article on why they were trying to freeze out the refs. It was to get rid of the bad apples in the crew. Interesting thought. But in my book they need to scrap the whole system and start over. How in the world can LeBron average 1 foul a game with all the times he plows into players going to the hoop? And some of the officiating in Celtics games last season was horrendous.

    But the problem isn't so much with the refs as it is with the system. The fact that Herr Stern has complete authority over the officiating and no one can question them without being fined or suspended makes for a breeding ground for corruption. They need a committee to oversee the officials where players or coaches can bring legitimate complaints and who would oversee the officiating and catch the inconsistencies.

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