I must admit I don't know a thing about Lester Hudson.  I know Danny is great at finding quality players in low draft spots but the fact Hudson was the 58th pick in the draft automatically made me think he didn't have a shot.  Then again, I'm basing that on thinking back to guys like Kris Clack (thanks Chris Wallace).  But in all seriousness, I was skeptical.

Well now that Dan Dickau has gone the way of Phoenix (good riddance) does Hudson have a shot at making the team?  Here's a a Youtube clip of him when he worked out for the Kings prior to the draft:

Interesting since I'd never seen the guy talk.  From all reports he's a scorer (for some reason I have Darrell Armstrong engraved in my mind).  Now he needs a new nickname, something other than "Lester the Molester" :)

tb727 9/24/2009 06:07:00 PM Edit
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  1. Check out www.celticstown.com

    He has an exclusive (amazing) interview w/ Lester. He seems like a chill guy!

  2. JR says:

    Read the interview Nick. Good stuff. A nickname??? Lester "The Rondo Rester" Hudson? TB that felt like deja vu :/

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