Mark your calendar, folks - today's the day.

For the unaware, today is 7/11, a new holiday in Massachusetts, albeit unrecognized officially. I am speaking, of course, of the newly-minted wing duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum (if you thought I meant the "holiday" where a convenience store celebrates its existence by giving away ice mixed with colored, flavored corn syrup, that's still a thing, but it's not the topic of this post).

That duo, which has dubbed themselves "7/11 gets buckets 24/7", might not have the most pithy nickname, but to date it's been pretty damn accurate, as can be seen in a recap of their most recent Summer League outing below, which highlights not just their play but how the young duo are already meshing to form a solid foundation for the Boston Celtics' youth movement:

Brown has proven already to be the sort of player a franchise can use as a cornerstone for greatness, showing leadership and dedication almost from his first days with the club. He recently hosted an event for younger NBA players too young to go clubbing in Las Vegas, and seems to tackle everything he does with intensity, whether it's making documentaries of his NBA experience:

Or keeping a variety of interests cultivated off-court:

His high level of engagement is setting an example for the incoming rookies, who are working with the Celtics front office to continue their history of community engagement:

Which is having an impact on the court in a big way:

So, as I said earlier, get excited. Celebrate. Enjoy the day, and be thankful numbers seven and eleven have united like Voltron behind a guy who can dunk in chain mail armor:

And a guy who's opponents should probably be wearing some armor of their own when playing him:

You really couldn't hope for a better pair of guys to build a team around, and it's clear these two (and now you, too, if you didn't already) know it.

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Image: Boston Celtics/YouTube
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