Time to rant a bit. This is one of the rare instances in sports where a win hurt both teams. For Boston, it meant falling to the fourth spot in the lottery, since Orlando lost to Washington. For Charlotte, it hurts their playoff seeding against Washington. No one should be happy about this win for the Celtics. With Rajon Rondo's recent injury and the way the team has played without Rondo this year, do you really think Boston can't pull out the win tomorrow night against Cleveland? If the Celtics aren't careful, they could fall all the way to sixth or seventh in the lottery standings. Sure, the lottery is a crap shoot and Boston could still end up with a good pick. But it's also just as likely they fall a spot or two from where they finish the year standings-wise. I normally love doing Green Envys to see what other fans are saying, but this is the exception. No enjoyment on this end.

Top Three

I hate it when crappy teams hit dumb shots over and over to stay in the game. unless its us

Bradley is taking Hendersons soul tonight.

Nice moving screen sullinger you dick pickle

Player of the Game: No love for Olynyk

I hope Zeller can get Olynyk's shot one day if he can be will be a very good PF

How has that stupid looking overgrown Hanson making threes on us. Come on guys

Olynyks hair might be longer but McRoberst is much more glorious. he should give Kelly his conditioner

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Another must-win. Definitely need to keep winning to stay in 6th as long as Miami remains at #2 and TOR at #3

I can't wait to see the Bobcats continue their winning streak
What is the Bobcats' longest winning streak?
Looking it up online I keep seeing 6 is the longest winning streak in this franchise's history, but I'm not sure if that's true. If so, they have a chance to tie that tonight with a easy date against the 76ers at home their very next game

35+ min of Luke Ridnour? 0% chance of winning.

kemba OUT, ridnour starting. ARGH.

let the tank begin!!

I'm okay with this. I think its really important to see how the starters play without Kemba at this stage of the season. Boston is still a beatable team either way but it'll be worth watching just to see how the guys react.

If we can't beat a losing team like the Celtics without Kemba then we are too dependent on him and have no business expecting to get past the 1st round in the playoffs. This should be a good confidence gaining and proving game for our backup PGs to show that they can right the ship when Kemba is on the bench because Lord knows Ridnour hasn't been holding it down the past month and a half with us.

Should definitely win this one since Rondo is out. Let Kemba rest tonight and tomorrow, and maybe even against Atlanta depending if the Wizards go on a bit of a skid.

Hopefully Phil Pressey doesn't score 50 on Ridnour.

I'm worried that Ridnour won't be able to bring the ball up court if Bradley is guarding him. At least some other players will get to shoot now, thou.

Can tell Boston doesn't care. Before the tip they are all smiling hugging our players high fiving us. Would have never known that they have lost 15 of 16.

Sullingers going to be a stud if he can stay healthy,

As soon as Jefferson gets the ball. HELP, HELP, HELP.

Gotta contain Bradley holy crap

Looks like Pressy is holding down the shame corner for Boston

i remember when our offense would NEVER be able to keep up in this tempo

MKG is the next KG.

Bass pretty well abused Zeller right there.

Zeller just got owned by a fish

embarrassing cody lol

how do you get driven on by Brandon Bass. thats the first shot I've ever seen Brandon Bass take that wasnt a mid range jumper

I wouldn't mind signing Bayless this summer.

nah he is basically the PG version of Neal

Seriously guys. Guard the god damn three.

I hope Zeller can get Olynyk's shot one day if he can be will be a very good PF

How has that stupid looking overgrown Hanson making threes on us. Come on guys

Olynyks hair might be longer but McRoberst is much more glorious. he should give Kelly his conditioner

MKG up to eight points. If he doesn't get at least two more before this game is over, I will lose all hope.

I hate it when crappy teams hit dumb shots over and over to stay in the game. unless its us

boston has been hitting some really, really bad shots so i can't even be that upset

Dear Phil Pressey.
Do not ever drive on MKG, again, period.

we should be up 20. I wonder if they will hit crappy shots all game


Y can't we guard these schmoes?
Al missing Kemba feeding him in the paint?

question 1- who knows
question 2- no Al has 16 points already

Orlando up 2 on Washington.
Detroit beating Chicago by 17.
We better win this freaking game.

Nice moving screen sullinger you dick pickle

Ok Ridnour needs to get out of the game. Perma ban

Bradley is taking Hendersons soul tonight.

Sullinger is hurt

Hope Sullinger is OK, but don't want him to come back tonight.

My goodness Pressey just smoked Ridnow on that drive

Pressey looking like Tiny Archibald against Ridnour

I wonder if Luke can dunk

Just spit up my drink thinking about it haha

Pressey is a legitimate playmaker

I tried to find a Ridnour dunk highlight even from college, and a bunch of Ridnour getting ripped and dunked on videos came up instead

Ridnour has actually had a pretty solid quarter.

Solid at what? Making Pressey look like Rondo? Lol

just getting manhandled on both sides of the floor
and a tech because they wouldn't call the travel

They have 13 TO's we have 6 they have 10-10 on FT's we are 5-9 they have also made 9 threes

Well, at least Miami is blowing out Indiana.

If we don't defend on the perimeter (like tonight), we're screwed. Because you know Al and McBob won't be guarding anyone.

You can really tell we expected Boston to just roll over.

pathetic we are gonna give up the 6 seed because we cant handle a bottom 5 team without Kemba

not to mention they dont have Rondo

Kemba has nothing to do with Olynk shooting without a care in the world, Sullinger not getting sealed off, or Bradley getting whatever he wants.
He's not a defensive anchor.

Jesus this game is worse than the wizards game

Phil Pressey looking like LeBron James out there

The Wiz up 6 with less that 3mins left....bye bye 6th seed

At least we'll get games on ESPN and TNT if we play the Pacers.
Raptors-Bobcats would go straight to NBA TV.

Something about Kris Humphries makes me wanna punch him in the nose

He bent Kim Kardashian over.
Hes won at life.

Boston having one of their textbook collapses lol
we need it right now

The tank is strong with these Celts.

Pressey's killing us with penetration

of course a sullinger 3

Sully lumbers like a fat ass...he may want to lay off the doughnuts and chicken nuggets

clutch turnover by boston

Pressey has a Rondo-esque line.

terrible effing loss F**K

Screw it. Bring on the Pacers.

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