The Boston Celtics beat the Milwaukee Bucks on the road tonight. As you can imagine the entire conversation was tank related. Here's what Bucks fans said tonight:

Are we finally done playing the Massholes after this? Seems like we've played them 20 times this year.

Breathe in, breathe out -- remember that we have Coach Larry Drew behind us, and believe in the power of the tank.

No Bradley either stings, they are very shallow in the backcourt as you would expect with those two out. This looks like an unfortunate schedule W.

Bass wants to get traded at the end of the first qtr.

Bring in Giannis damnit. Only damn reason I watch these games.

We still out-Ainged Danny when he took Olynyk over Gainnis. hehe.

Wiggins/Embiid on ESPN in a few.

Other than BOS tanking, is there any reason why Rondo is out tonight?

Well, I did say early in the thread: Jeff Green is due for his one game a week dominance. Here we are. His jumper is falling. He's playing with confidence. We are the beneficiaries.

Olynk needs a haircut. He legit looks like a chick, and his first name is Kelly.

We are throwing Olynyk a lovely break out party tonight.

We really gonna lose to a Rondo/Bradley-less Celtic team? This is amazing!

Our tank is unstoppable. This is fabulous!

Pull away Celts! Pull away. Put this game in the bank. Our tank is earning interest, baby.

Impressive loss tonight. Truly.

The wheels have completely fallen off now.

I'm not sure this thing ever had wheels.

Wow. And to think I was worried. What an excellently hopeless last quarter.

It's going to be one hell of night on this board come May 20th.

Of course May 20th is lottery night. . . a night Celtics fans will be awaiting as well.

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Julian Edlow 2/10/2014 11:30:00 PM Edit
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