In just over 24 minutes of playing time tonight, former D-League standout Greg Stiemsma made a great first impression in his official NBA debut. So much so that many Celtics fans have expressed the sentiment that they'd prefer to see him start over current center Jermaine O'Neal.

Stiemsma blocked 6 shots, grabbed 4 rebounds, and most of all provided some much needed hustle and spark to a Celtics team that went stagnant in its loss to New Orleans on Wednesday night. With Chris Wilcox injured and Jermaine O'Neal giving us limited production the past few games, has Stiemsma shown us enough for Doc Rivers to give him a major role?

My guess is that Greg hasn't demonstrated enough yet to warrant taking JO's spot, but give him some more games and he might win Doc over. Plus we have to remember that Nenad Krstic had a great first game for Boston back in February after the Perkins trade, and then had many underwhelming performances after that, indicating that we can't always base judgement upon a player's first game for a new team. So the Steam Roller probably needs quite a few more games under his belt before we can crown him our new center.

Doc already told the press that rookie E'Twaun Moore would be taking over Avery Bradley's bench role, and Moore has played less minutes than Stiemsma. So Doc is obviously willing to switch roles if he likes what he sees in limited minutes. If Greg can continue to demonstrate good productivity, I am sure that Rivers could be convinced to give him the nod over Wilcox and maybe even JO, especially in the condensed schedule where we have many back-to-back games and JO will need to play reduced minutes. I could definitely see Greg as our #2 center, and perhaps start in a double header situation or if JO gets injured (which is likely given last year's track record).

What are your thoughts on the new "Great White Hope?" Vote in the poll below.

Danielle Hobeika 12/29/2011 12:27:00 AM Edit
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  1. Beantown says:


    Can we please stop referring to every white player as the "great white hope". Good lord.

  2. Mr.postman says:

    If you see him on offense he really is lost and its frustrating forvwhoever is running the point and the whole offense itself.defense is great but he throws the whole offensive plan out the window

  3. DH says:

    Beantown, it was meant to be used in a satirical manner, not literally, sorry if that wasn't conveyed. I can see Stiemsma taking over Scalabrine's token white guy role and getting a huge cult following. I just used the term "great white hope" over "token white guy" as a joke.

  4. YGR says:

    all the celtics fans that want stiemsma to start over JO are retarded. JO will snap out of this "funk" he is in, so to speak. Everyone automatically throws away his performance against NY last year in the playoffs because of three games he couldn't do much in because he was forced to the bench by the refs' whistle boners. i chose to start Greg on double headers, and JO during big games, because JO could use rest just as mcuh as Ray, PP, and KG could, but I certainly do not think Stiemsma should be our full time starter.

  5. BOCKNOWZ says:

    We need Eddie House,Nate Robinson,Gerald Green,Marcus Cousin, & Melvin Ely in Boston by tomorrow. Ainge to trade J.O`Neal,A.Bradley,E.Moore,J.Johnson,K.Dooling,M.Daniels,S.Pavlovic,C.Wilcox, & 1st round pick 2012 draft to Houston for H.Thabeet,C.Budinger, & T.Williams.

  6. cfams word says:

    Easily the funniest comment Ive read my entire time being familiar with this blog can be seen right above

  7. Anonymous says:


    Your comments always are sh*t, stop sayin we need those guys, trade here, trade there.
    The team has athleticism and the skills to win, they only have played 3 games, and a preseason that almost never exist.
    F*ck you n your comments.


  8. shelbyl says:

    Let Bocknowz have fun with the trade machine or NBA 2k12 simulation he thinks is real life, guys, please.

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