Shaquille O'Neal sat down for a lengthy interview with The Times Picayune, while being honored at LSU with a statue this week. Here are some highlights:
I truly believe that if I didn’t get injured, we (Celtics) would have beaten Miami, and we could have beaten Dallas.

My mind was on winning the whole thing, and we had a chance to get the second spot (in the Eastern Conference), and we ended up getting the fourth spot. I even told (Boston General Manager) Danny Ainge not to do the Kendrick Perkins deal with Oklahoma City. I told them I might not be ready, and I’m definitely not coming back.
A few thoughts:

Shaq continues his tradition of taking swipes at former teammates, coaches, and organizations. This time with a dig at Danny Ainge. I still don't know why the C's bought him that retirement RV. Though Shaq is completely right in suggesting that the Perkins trade was dumb, Ainge rationalized the trade for months by saying we'd be fine at the center position because Shaq was coming back. Now we have Shaq saying he told Ainge either he "might not be ready" or "I'm definitely not coming back."

Nice to see Shaq paying attention to the season. We finished with the 3rd seed, not the 4th.

He's correct that with a another center (whether it's Perkins or a healthy Shaq) we beat Miami and Dallas. Doc has also said that we finish with the #1 seed if we don't make "The Trade." It was a "stupid, idiotic" (Curt Schilling moment) move to make if you're the best team in the league and going for the title THIS year.

And in case you needed more proof that Shaq is and always was a Laker, when asked what was the best organization he played for, he answers. "Probably the Lakers. Owner Jerry Buss and his group were great. They always did what they said they were going to do." He also goes on to praise Phil Jackson as a coach and never mentions Doc Rivers.

So while Shaq is right that the Perkins trade was a bad move, I must reiterate I'm still Glad to See Shaq Gone.

JR 9/11/2011 07:32:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    you meant third not fourth

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shaq running his mouth as usual.His size played a majority of role in how good he was there's alot of thing's he couldn't do that would hurt a team alot ie the invention of "hack a shaq" we don't need em anyways honestly I think we would of been just fine if semi didn't get traded too,thanks danny for making some dumbass moves midway through season when the team was already the 1st seed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it's old news, except
    i actually like the fact he did his usual and came out with it now

    it would have hit the team chemistry and trust big time if he blabbered about it right before play off

  4. darklighter says:

    Well he was really only here for half a season and about 5 years past his prime so I'm not shocked he chose the Lakers as the best organization he "played" for. Cause he really didn't "play" here much at all.

  5. Jenda says:

    Obviously he's going to praise the Lakers. That's the only team (that matters) that may consider retiring his jersey. The Celtics won't by a long shot, that's a given. The fact he didn't mention Doc - well, he didn't spend much time being coached by him.

    And as for the trade every single person who wanted Celtics to have a shot would tell Ainge the same thing. I'm sure Shaq really wanted to win.

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