The power might be out on the east coast but in far east China, Paul Pierce was all ears. After listening to the hot stylings of fellow teammate Mr. Gloria James (aka Delonte West), the C's captain felt all too inspired to come out with his own rap album. Not to be outdone, The Truth teamed up with rap mogul Lil Wayne to release his debut mixtape: Tha Truth XXXIV. The mixtape is projected to go 18 times platinum by next June with the backing of Weezy and past and present Celtics.

The track listing is as follows:

1) The Truth is Here

2) You Can't Handle the Truth ft Jack Nicholson

3) Kobe Tell Me How My A** Tastes (Remix) ft The Big Often Injured Shamrock

4) Truest Warrior (Ron Artest-Metta World Peace Diss)

5) You Play to Win the Game ft Herman Edwards

6) Bleed Green (Celtics' Anthem)

7) MVP ft Scal

8) We're Gunnin'4 Ya ft D. West, Agent Zero & Jarvaris Crittenton

9) MR. C-L-U-T-C-H (Got It!) ft Mike & Tommy

10) Bow to the Savior ft Jesus Shuttlesworth

11) Wish Upon a Starbury ft R. Kelly

12) You're Cancerous (Villanueva, Noah, Pachulia, Frye Diss) ft KG

13) Bandwagon Jumpers (Mike Bibby Diss)

14) Tommy Point ft Waltah

15) Let Me See Ya Wiggle ft Toine

16) Presidential Pierce (Obama Diss) ft Rajon

17) Walking Through Doors ft Pitino, Bird, Mchale, Parish

18) The Quest

Dane(a) B(arros) 9/01/2011 03:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    You should of gone the whole 9 yards and added links to the audio for each track Dane. :)

  2. QD says:

    LMAO, "The Big Often Injured Shamrock"... #8,13, and 16 are the best.

  3. We should post a poll...whichever song title gets the most votes I'll try to make it for a future Afternoon Delight

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