A bunch of NBA stars (and Derek Fisher) have been in the Philippines this week and are playing two exhibitions this weekend. The NBA stars (and Derek Fisher) won the 1st exhibition 131-105. The 2nd one will be later today. If you didn't know, basketball in the Philippines is like baseball in the Dominican Republic. It's a passion. And after the United States, the country with the most visits on Celtics Life is the Philippines (by far). Hopefully our very own Gerald Alden was able to attend some of the festivities and can write on them later this week.

After the jump James Harden throws down a dunk off an alley-oop pass off the backboard from Kevin Durant.

Kids, Don't listen to Fisher!

JR 7/24/2011 12:28:00 AM Edit
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  1. evrheene says:

    I wish #Celtics players are here in the Philippines! Shout out to Paul, Rondo, Garnett, Allen! :)

  2. Dave says:

    I had some pics and vids of the event, (not really hi-res as they don't allow DSLR cameras at the venue), great game but I wished they had at least one Celtics in the lineup, Rondo would have been awesome if he wasn't still recovering from his injury

  3. lol @(and Derek Fisher).

    That assist by KD was sick.

  4. kibitzer says:

    Trivia: The chief sponsor for this event, Manny V. Pangilinan, was once offered the Sacramento Kings franchise:

    for some bizarre reason the channel(ibc13) that was suppose to televise the game disappeared in our area 2 years ago... so no, I didn't see the game...

  5. Watched the game yesterday!! Posting vids here (http://www.youtube.com/user/amplapus) I have 6 up and a lot more uploading. Too bad though no one from the Celtics was part of it.

  6. We appreciate the fully loaded NBA talent here (and Derek Fisher), but it's incomplete without anyone from Boston.

    lol JR at (and Derek Fisher)!

    let's see what i can come up with within the week. it's all mostly kobe bryant though so dunno if that would interest celtic fans...

  7. I'm a filipino and I always visit this site..and i was expecting even just one celtic player will be there... :/

  8. Anonymous says:

    DAYUM! I watched that live a while ago. Wished that Rondo was there tho. I was wearing his jersey even though he wasn't there. Lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    It was like a dream to see Kobe, KD, D Rose, CP3,Tyreke Evans, and James Harden live in the Philippines against our basketball stars.

  10. ronit007 says:

    actually yes yes Philippines is crazy abt basketball and nba,here in hk we are also lovers of nba and bball lol and also ahahaha at and derek fisher :D

  11. Anonymous says:

    I watched this live because of Derrick Williams. Awesome player.

  12. Anonymous says:

    damn that selection without any celtics player in there the tickets hoarding not enough for the the plain pilipino to watched and enjoy it all the happy who watch there used their backer to get a ticket if one of the celtics is there and im not get any ticket i will kick the ass of manny pangilinan.

  13. tb727 says:

    Btw if that scumbag Fisher is there, doesn't it mean NO progress is being made in the labor dispute? Way to get your priorities straight douchebag.

  14. JENIEL says:

    I'm a filipino and a pure NBA(CELTICS) fan. I wish ray allen was here. he's perfect because we also have a three point shoot out last saturday. james harden and chris paul won with only a point. lol. If you could hear the howling from the start to the last second, you will think it is a game 7 of a finals game. lol. that's how high the intensity is last time. Mcgee owned the saturday's game because filipino is naturally short. lol. GOOD GAME. I the next exhibition game, rondo is present. and as for fisher, well, he should have been thinking about the CBA. :D

  15. Anonymous says:

    weak legs - FISHER LOL

  16. Anonymous says:

    So exciting & a bit surreal that the NBA stars played in the Philippines against the PBA stars. They should've had a height limitation like in the PBA to make it a little more competitive. I hope one day a Filipino kid will make the NBA.

    -Adrian/Kuya Nino (Boston)

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