Some green for Crawford? Jamal Crawford earned $10 million in the final year of his deal with the Hawks and is now a free agent. He should be one of the more attractive players on the market because of his ability to score off the bench. Crawford is 31 and said he wants to play at least five more years. The question is whether he would take a mid-level exception — if that exists under the new collective bargain agreement — from a team such as the Celtics. Crawford clamored for an extension from the frugal Hawks but the club didn’t bite. He is the type of player who would interest the Celtics, and he would likely listen if it meant a chance at competing for a title.

Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe speculates about the possibility of Jamal Crawford in green. Crawford is the type of player that can get his own shot, although he might look for it too much. The Celtics are dying for another play maker when the offense goes stagnant. There will be plenty of rumors this summer and varying options for the Celtics to consider, but I like this one. Can you see Crawford in Celtic green?

WShaw 5/15/2011 02:15:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Guaranteed that shot in the picture went in lol. He ALWAYS makes those...

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think it would be a very good addition although if the goal is winning a title it would not be enough and might even be wasted money if it means that their are less funds available for a player that would really give us a shot.
    Is dwight howard out of the question following doc's big contract? isn't getting him one of the reasons dany ainge gave to make a deal that made us loose the team cohesiveness the celtics almost won a championship with last year?

  3. Right now everything is speculation. Until they get a new CBA in place, we don't know if there will be money to sign ANY free agents. Not even sure now if there will be a MLE to offer. May have only vet minimum contracts and not going to get much with them. We don't have the assets to trade to pick up top level FA's. He'd be a nice addition. We need a center foremost. With both Shaq and JO talking retirement, Danny needs to make filling the hole he created at center first.

  4. trentonkid says:

    Howard is under contract for one more year, the Celtics do not have anyone to trade to the Magic for Howard...if he is not traded before the deadline next season the C's will have a shot a signing him, let's hope that Orlando doesn't do anything stupid like trade him to the lakers...as for Crawford, I wouldn't mind seeing him as a Celtic, but, is he going to be willing to take a pay cut? I wouldn't mind seeing Tyson Chandler or Nene on the C's either but that is highly unlikely and unrealistic...

  5. WShaw says:

    The Celtics would have to acquire Crawford for "cheap" like the mid-level exemption as suggested in the article. We don't have the pieces to acquire Howard from Orlando unless a 3rd team is involved in a trade. None of our aging stars would interest Orlando and something with Rondo would likely be the center piece of any potential deal. It is a real LONGSHOT.

  6. john says:

    Jamal Crawford is just what Boston needs, if Danny can bring him here, Danny's redemption will already be 50%

  7. WShaw says:

    I agree, Tyson Chandler makes the most sense if he can be had. We are handcuffed with our salaries even with all the free agents on the roster, we have the 4th highest pay roll in the league.

  8. Man, if y'all havent learned from this year that it's all about speed and youth. Jamal Crawford is good. But he's 31. We need to stop taking old players and build up young players man. Or we go be in the same predicament next year.

  9. Jenda says:

    He'd be an interesting upgrade over Wafer. Not psyched about him but he's a solid player and duo West Crawford would be the best 2nd unit backcourt in green since the new big three.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jamal Crawford or JR Smith (even if he's hard to coach)
    We need people in the last minute of the 4th quarter, who can score, take the burden off of Pierce.
    For too long we stay dry for 4 or 5+ minute in the 4th when the game is on the line

    Bring a scorer who doesnt need to worry about defense that much

    JR Smith and Jamal Crawford are great examples


  11. Anonymous says:

    New CBA - no midlevel exception - no Crawford.

    We should wait until the new CBA is out and see what Danny can do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How about we brake the bank for Kendrick Perkins. 40mil. Todays stat 4 point 3 rebounds and 2 block shots in 31 mins. Wht a player. I'm glad we have JG

  13. .chuckT. says:

    This would be huge.
    He is instant offense and he brings clutch shooting.
    He can play the 1 or 2 guard.

    Hopefully we can bring in Crawford and also sign Delonte. Our guards will be set for next season.
    Rondo - West
    Ray - Crawford

    Now what about wing players & big men? There are a lot of attractive FA names out there. Hopefully Danny makes smart decisions this summer. Im excited for next year.

  14. Bohemian says:

    Makes sense. We would also add 4 more wins to our record next year since he always kills the Celtics ;)

    Let's try and sign him. He is a scorer and not afraid of it.

  15. Ki-Su Ro says:

    Yes, Crawford will be really handy for us, especially in clutch moments.
    Maybe go get a new PF backup spot for KG?
    get rid of Murphy, baby and go get a young atheletic one.

    PG - Rondo,West,Bradley
    SG - Allen,Crawford,
    SF - Pierce,Green
    PF - Garnett,
    C - 2 O'Neals or 1 or none,Krstic

    Buy 2 PF and C and maybe another SG and SF for insurance

  16. Anonymous says:

    well, well, all said ain't bad, but the age factors in alot, we have Allen at 35, KG 34, Pierce therabout and then u bring in Crawford who has waved goodbye to 31 christmas seasons,!!!!!!!!!

    We need younger guys, between 22 and 26 years, who are more athletic

  17. trentonkid says:

    Too bad the salary cap restrictions will prevent a lot of these speculated acquistions from happening...C's hands will be tied for the most part this summer, next summer will be a different story though as they will have a lot of money coming off of the books...whoever they sign this year I hope it's not something that is going to prevent them from being a player in the summer of '12...

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